ASI Action Plan 2021-2022


The 2021-2022 ASI Action Plan is dedicated to our dynamic, resilient, and astonishing student body who has endured trying times. Your resilience and will encouraged us to advocate in larger spaces, tackle difficult conversations, and ensure that all students feel empowered at Cal Poly Pomona. At the end of the day, our calling, purpose and passion is to serve our students.

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Domain 1 - ASI and line art illustrations on gradient background

Domain 1: ASI

Domain 1 covers items that are internal to ASI which enables us to accomplish most, if not all, of them by the end of the year.

Student Needs:

Student Feedback: Establish a student feedback survey to identify the needs of students and how ASI can work to better enhance their experiences.

Student Involvement:

External Relations: Increase opportunities for students, through ASI, to become politically involved, this includes educating the campus on local, state, and federal legislation that affects higher education and conducting voter registration drives.

Student Success:

Internal Relations: Strengthen relationships between Student Government and all ASI departments by building new channels of collaborative communication.

Student Parents: Allow student parents the opportunity to focus on their education by providing childcare services that enrich the lives of their dependents.

Organizational Practices:

Learning Organization: Support and undergo training with all ASI staff to continue the process of becoming a Learning Organization—an organization where ASI’s culture of care and growth mindset ensure ASI is a safe place to develop one’s professional career and ultimately provide the best service to students.

Feasibility Study: Examine the space and services within the Bronco Student Center (BSC) and better align them with the current and future needs of students. Establish a student-run process for allocating space in ASI-operated facilities.

Domain 2 - Allyships and line art illustrations on gradient background

Domain 2: Allyships

Domain 2 covers items we will be working on with our campus partners as these areas are not overseen by ASI. Within the year, some will be accomplished while as others may need more time.

Student Needs:

Resource Awareness: Ensure students are provided knowledge on available resources by working on accessibility and destigmatizing usage.

Local Partnerships: Seek partnerships with local and on-campus entities to provide necessary services and resources to the campus community.

Alternative Transportation: Coordinate with various organizations to promote diverse methods of transportation to reduce CPP’s carbon footprint.

Basic Needs Resources: Identify ways ASI can promote resources that combat current or potential basic needs insecurities and expand programs like Poly Pantry and Clothes Closet. Establish a basic needs communication network and explore a more student-facing location for students to access the resources they need.

Student Involvement:

Council Relations: Collaborate with student representatives to ensure ASI meets student needs and is representative of the student body.

Networking: Establish connections between current students, alumni professionals, and employers.

Student Success:

“Life After” Workshops: Expand “Life After” workshops to further student learning of hard and soft skills (career readiness, financial literacy, etc.) to prepare for life post-graduation.

Unify the Campus Community: Over the course of the pandemic, the student population experienced a decrease in club and organization participation. ASI wants to promote collaboration between the organization and campus partners to establish a well-rounded sense of belonging.

Domain 3 - Advocacy and line art illustrations on gradient background

Domain 3: Advocacy

Domain 3 covers long-term projects that we will continue to advocate and support. These include longstanding issues from previous administrations and more recent items that will require a foundation.

Student Needs:

Lanterman Project: Inform the campus about any developments and continue ASI involvement throughout project.

Mental Health: Advocate to increase the ratio and presence of diverse counselors across campus and ensure that Title IX resources are understandable and accessible to students.

UPD/PATF: Advocate on behalf of students to UPD and Student Affairs to ensure the students are well represented in the ongoing dialogue around University Policing.

Student Involvement:

Verification of Eligibility (VOE): Advocate to amend VOE to allow incoming transfer students to be eligible to participate in student leadership positions at Cal Poly Pomona.

Sustainability: Advocate for sustainable practices such as drought-tolerant landscaping and overall water consumption, excess waste, and promote an overall evaluation of University and auxiliary recycling practices.

Student Success:

Establish Hands-On Learning Opportunities: Look for ways ASI can partner with academic departments on campus to give students the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning.


ASI: Associated Students Incorporated

BSC: Bronco Student Center

“Life After” workshops: post-grad financial, professional development, and resource workshops.

Lanterman Project: About 300 acres south of campus bought by Cal Poly Pomona to potentially develop into a community that allows people to live, learn, work and play.

Poly Pantry: Located in the BSC, the Poly Pantry was opened in 2019 to serve students impacted by food insecurity. The Poly Pantry provides access to food, basic necessities, and referrals to campus and community-based resources to maximize student success.

Clothes Closet: Created by the Career Center and supported through donations, students who cannot afford or do not have time get professional attire can pick items to add to their professional wardrobe.

UPD: The University Police Department is a full-service, sworn police agency that operates 24 hours a day, year-round. The department provides law enforcement, emergency response, conducts criminal investigations, offers crime prevention and educational programs, support for special events and a range of other services.

PATF: Cal Poly Pomona has created a Police Advisory Task Force whose main objective is to provide guidance and recommendations related to community policing, and the composition of a police advisory board, which will strengthen the lines of communication with students, faculty, staff and leadership. ASI Student Government has one leader that serves on the task force. Find out more on the Police Advisory Task Force webpage.

Title IX: Federal and State laws and the California State University’s policies prohibit discrimination based on gender or sex in all education programs and activities operated by the University, both on and off campus. All members of the campus community regardless of their gender or gender identity are protected from sex discrimination, which includes sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Find out more on the Title IX webpage.

Student Affairs: The Division of Student Affairs at Cal Poly Pomona works with students, academic partners, staff, and parents to influence an inclusive, polytechnic approach that helps deepen your out-of-class experience. Learn more on the Division of Student Affairs webpage.

Verification of Eligibility (VOE): Verification of eligibility to participate in leadership roles on a CSU campus. Learn more about the Minimum Qualifications for Student Office Holders policy.

University auxiliary: Auxiliary organizations are non-profit, separately organized legal entities, created to support student success and the educational mission of the CSU by providing instructional and services support not normally furnished by the state budget. CSU established auxiliaries to complement the core academic programs at each campus to provide a full range of educational experiences.