ASI Action Plan 2020-2021


The 2020-2021 ASI Action Plan is dedicated to our dynamic, resilient, and astonishing student body who has endured trying times. Your resilience and will encouraged us to advocate in larger spaces, tackle difficult conversations, and ensure that all students feel empowered at Cal Poly Pomona. At the end of the day, our calling, purpose and passion is to serve our students.

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Domain 1 ASI and illustration of individual watering flowers

Domain I: ASI

Domain 1 covers items that are internal to ASI which enables us to accomplish most, if not all of them by the end of the year.

Student Needs:

Poly Pantry: Expand the Poly Pantry to include PPE*, food drives for fresh produce, and ways to help funnel CalFresh applicants.

Resource Awareness: Add more resource postings to the ASI website to include information for Basic Needs and reporting information for Title IX.

ASI Evaluation Survey: Create and disseminate assessments of the thoughts and feelings of the student community regarding ASI’s fulfillment of its stated mission.

Student Involvement:

Zoom Club Fairs: Assist councils to organize virtual club & organizational fairs.

Transparency: Educate students on the usage of their student fees and the processes of ASI governing, advocacy, budgeting, and programming.

Civic Engagement: Summarize election and census information on various platforms, as well as outreach to increase civic education and engagement within underserved populations.

Student Success:

The Student Success Fee: Develop a proposal to reshape the Student Success fee to benefit current student needs and to address anti-racism.

Mental Health Landscaping and Architecture: Facilitate discussions regarding potential spaces throughout ASI facilities to focus on mental health.

“Life After” Workshop Series: Create and facilitate workshops to focus on financial literacy, personal finances, and career readiness during and after the collegiate experience.

Domain 2 Allyships and illustration of hands touching

Domain II: Allyships

Domain 2 covers items we will be working on with our campus partners as these areas are not overseen by ASI. Within the year, some will be accomplished while as others may need more time.

Student Needs:

Counseling: Partner with CAPS* to increase the ratio and presence of counselors across campus with the possibility of exploring an increase to the Student Health Service fee and ensure the team of counselors reflect the student body, along with reimagining on-campus wellness checks.

Food Usage: Collaborate with University Foundation to expand the existing meal swipes program and funnel leftover food to students.

Emergency Housing: Collaborate with the Bronco Cares Basic Needs Program to support Rapid Re-Housing* and Bridge Housing Program* in partnership with Jovenes* and create additional housing initiatives that include family housing.

Student Involvement:

Local Outreach: Partner with the Center of Community Engagement to participate in initiatives that improve local communities.

Club Processes: Assist OSLCC* with club registration and space reservations while increasing awareness of the Corq* app.

Campus Inclusivity: Partner with the Inclusive Excellence Council to review and analyze procedures as it relates to reporting harassment, as well as submit student ideas to increase inclusivity across campus areas.

Student Success:

Advising Services: Collaborate with Bronco Advising Center to determine the support needed for additional appointment slots and reevaluate the Degree Progress Report.

Academic Senate: Facilitate working relationships with the Academic Senate and student community which include creating policies that benefit all students and increase the awareness of Academic Senate’s purpose and action.

Transfer Resources: Promote visibility and marketing that is inclusive for transfer students, and increase transfer resources to allow a greater percentage of transfer student participation.

Domain 3 Advocacy and illustration of individuals cheering

Domain III: Advocacy

Domain 3 covers long-term projects that we will continue to advocate and support. These include longstanding issues from previous administrations and more recent items that will require a foundation.

Student Needs:

Transportation: Advocate for additional shuttles for the Metrolink and overflow lots, the initiation of the Class Pass, and increased walkability to accommodate all students.

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign: Advocate for a withdrawal from fossil fuel investments throughout the CSU system.

Title IX: Advocate for funding to hire and train additional investigators and for the reversal of the Department of Education’s new federal guidelines.

Student Involvement:

Verification of Eligibility: Advocate to remove the maximum unit limit for students to be eligible to participate in leadership positions at Cal Poly Pomona or the CSU System.

Increased Resource Centers: Advocate for additional diverse student resource centers including but not limited to a MENA Center* and student-parent center.

CSU Racial Justice: Advocate for required training on equity, inclusion, and anti-bias for all CSU members as well as police reform and oversight by students.

Student Success:

Campus Landscape: Advocate for more outdoor spaces to study across campus and student-centered development for the Lanterman Project*.

Career Fair Diversity: Advocate for an increased diversity of companies at the career fairs for different colleges.

Scheduling Classes: Advocate for additional funding to increase the number of classes and class times offered specifically for non-traditional students and bottleneck courses.


Bridge Housing Program: Housing where individual students will be placed in shared spaces in locations close to campus.

Cal Fresh: The largest food program in California, known federally as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. This program provides monthly food benefits to individuals and families with low income and provides economic benefits to communities.

CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services

CORQ App: Allows college and university students to discover events, groups, and opportunities around campus from their mobile device.

Jovenes: An organization that CPP Basic Needs is collaborating with to bring long-term housing solutions for students in need.

Lanterman: About 300-acres south of campus bought by Cal Poly Pomona to potentially develop into a community that allows people to live, learn, work and play.

MENA Center: Morocco, and the Middle East, and North Africa (CPP International Center)

OLSCC: Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers

Poly Pantry: Located in the BSC, the Poly Pantry was opened in 2019 to serve students impacted by food insecurity. The Poly Pantry provides access to food, basic necessities, and referrals to campus and community-based resources to maximize student success.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment

Rapid Re-Housing: Allows student parents and students with dependents/spouses to be able to locate housing and seek assistance in rental fees.