ASI Action Plan 2022-2023


The 2021-2022 ASI Action Plan is dedicated to our dynamic, resilient, and astonishing student body which has endured trying times. Your resilience will encourage us to advocate in larger spaces, tackle difficult conversations, and ensure that all students feel empowered at Cal Poly Pomona. At the end of the day, our calling, purpose, and passion are to serve our students.

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Domain 1: Community 

Acknowledges our students’ needs and creates avenues to help the Cal Poly Pomona community build an inclusive atmosphere where students can succeed.

Student Needs:

Student Interaction: ASI aims to provide open channels of communication such as social media, emails, and surveys to increase interactions between ASI and the CPP community.

Engage: ASI commits to continuously encouraging students to be involved in CPP’s on-campus activities.

Student Involvement:

Resource Awareness: ASI will help to inform students about resources and programs within the ASI and CPP community.

Student Success:

Open Dialogue with Student Leadership: Student Government will provide opportunities where students in positions of leadership at CPP will be able to have open conversations between one another and the greater student population.

Organizational Practices:

Transparency: Student Government will provide bi-weekly updates on the official ASI Instagram account as well as a monthly Q&A to keep students informed on updates within ASI and the campus community.

BSC Refresh: ASI commits to improving the BSC to encapsulate student needs.

An Improved ASI: ASI will continue to transform into a learning organization by demonstrating our commitment to promoting racial equity.

Domain 2: Partnerships

Involves collaborations with campus organizations and external organizations that will cultivate student success, involvement, representation, and upward mobility.

Student Needs:

Means of Transportation: ASI will partner with organizations to expand and promote CPP’s alternative transportation methods on and off campus.

Bronco Essentials: ASI will strive to destigmatize the notion of accessing resources relating to basic needs and insecurity as well as allocating assets toward existing programs.

Education Outreach: ASI will enhance its brand identity on campus by educating students about the purpose of and all of the resources offered through the organization.

Student Involvement:

Learn-by-Doing: ASI will expand on- and off-campus internship opportunities to be meaningful, hands-on experiences.

Club Collaboration: ASI will work directly with SELS (formerly OSLCC) to reinvent the student club and organization support model

Introducing CPP in 2022: ASI will promote different forms of assistance such as maps, scavenger hunts, and information booths to bring familiarity to the CPP campus amid COVID-19.

Student Success:

“Life After” College: ASI will promote CPP’s mentorship programs, create spaces where students feel safe and supported, and gather information to promote successful campus life during college.

Life During College: Over the course of the pandemic, the student population experienced a decrease in club and organization participation. ASI wants to promote collaboration between the organization and campus partners to establish a well-rounded sense of belonging.

Higher College: ASI aims to promote post-graduate opportunities and workshops while also bridging the gap between undergraduate and graduate students through peer mentorship programs.

International Career Accessibility: ASI intends to work with the Career Center to increase the accessibility of jobs and post-graduation opportunities for international student success.

Domain 3: Advocacy

Encompasses uplifting our community through active representation and support of basic needs, sustainability, and collaboration.

Student Needs:

Mental Health: ASI will strive to educate the CPP community on resources available to them to encourage a state of mental well-being, a sense of security, and inclusivity.


Sustainability: ASI will advocate for a more sustainable on- and off-campus lifestyle by promoting green initiatives, products, and energy sources.

Resource Efficiency: ASI will strive to ensure all campus resources are readily available and properly functioning to benefit the CPP community in collaboration with the appropriate campus department.

Student Success:

Student Representation: ASI will advocate for underrepresented populations of the CPP community


ASI: Associated Students Incorporated BSC: Bronco Student Center

CPP: Cal Poly Pomona

Learning Organization: a values-driven organization with the structures, systems, and processes to achieve goals, innovate, and adeptly respond to change by building organizational capacity through personal mastery and team learning.

OSLCC: Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

SELS: Student Engagement Leadership and Success