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A handy guide to ASI Governance infographic
A Handy Guide to ASI Governance. State & Federal Laws and Articles of Incorporation leads to CSU Operating Agreement, leads to Bylaws, leads to Student Government, leads to Senate Bills, Senate Resolutions, Committee Codes and Rules & Regulations.

ASI Student Government consists of student leaders either elected by the student body or appointed by the ASI President to serve a specific function. As a whole, your student government aims to serve you; from lobbying on your behalf with state legislators to advocating campus services and implementing fun events.

Getting involved and serving as a Student Government leader on committees leads to excellent business experience, building your college involvement and boosting your career resume.

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Student Government Meeting

Meet Your 2022-23 Student Government

Learn who your current ASI student leaders are and view contact hours.

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ASI Elections

Interested in being more involved on campus? Looking to make a difference? Running for office might be the perfect opportunity. As a part of student government, you’ll have the opportunity to network, gain leadership experience, and be the voice for students campus-wide.

The purpose of the election is to elect student leaders composed of the ASI President, Vice President and Senators that sit on the ASI Board of Directors in Student Government. Student Government Elections occur annually in spring semester online.

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ASI Action Plan

The 2021-2022 ASI Action Plan is dedicated to our dynamic, resilient, and astonishing student body who has endured trying times.

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Student Government Meetings

Learn about the various ASI Student Government committees and view agendas and minutes for upcoming and past meetings.
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Senate Resolutions

Learn what a senate resolution is, how to suggest or co-write with ASI Student Government, and view past resolutions.
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