Bronco Events & Activities Team (BEAT)

About BEAT

The Bronco Events & Activities Team (BEAT) creates innovative programs that foster student engagement, school spirit, and personal development. BEAT enhances student life by providing quality live and virtual entertainment to CPP students. Guided by the ASI motto, “Students Serving Students,” BEAT evaluates student needs and creates strategies for satisfying them. As representatives of the student population, BEAT has the ongoing responsibility of staying current with popular trends while implementing events and programs that create connections, facilitate growth, and encourage learning.

BEAT students celebrating while holding a CPP banner

Special Events and Virtual Programs

BEAT creates traditional programming throughout the year to look forward to. These are typically large-scale events involving multiple activities, such as Midnight Madness, Festival of Animals, and Unwind with ASI. Traditional programs also include collaborative events with campus departments such as University Housing Services, the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers, and various campus clubs.

BEAT will also provide a lot of opportunities throughout the semester for students to have fun, learn, and engage with others through their programs. Events such as home cooking tutorials, DJ dance parties, online workshops, and Q&A sessions will allow students to connect with others, whether or not they are on campus. Make sure you follow BEAT on Instagram to get all the latest information on our events!

BroncoFusion concert and crowd