Bronco Events & Activities Team (BEAT)

About BEAT

The Bronco Events & Activities Team (BEAT) exists to enhance student life at Cal Poly Pomona. Bringing quality live entertainment to campus and maintaining a fun learning atmosphere are some things the BEAT is known for, but there is much more to how the team operates. Guided by the ASI motto, “Students Serving Students,” BEAT evaluates student needs and creates strategies for satisfying them. As the face of ASI and representatives of the student population, BEAT has the ongoing responsibility of creating programs that facilitate growth and learning for students while staying current with popular trends.

BEAT students celebrating while holding a CPP banner

Traditional Programs and Special Events

BEAT creates traditional programming throughout the year to look forward to. These events typically are larger-scale events involving multiple activities throughout the event. Traditional programs BEAT plans each year include Midnight Madness, Campus MovieFest, Fall in the Farm, and Stress Relief Week. Traditional programs also include collaborative events with University Housing Services, the Village, campus clubs and the Cultural Centers.

BroncoFusion concert and crowd

BEAT Committee Volunteers

Volunteers are also needed to assist every BEAT member in coordinating, facilitating and executing programs and services during the course of the year. BEAT Volunteers gain access to events (usually behind the scenes) and valuable programming experience.

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