Lost and Found

Note: The Games Room Etc. service desk is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Games Room Etc. is Cal Poly Pomona’s campus-wide lost and found. Buildings, departments, and individuals across the campus collect and bring lost items to us, where we log, store, and contact potential owners in order to return said items. If the item is not returned within 90 days of it being received, the Games Room Etc. auctions, discards, or donates lost items after every attempt possible is made to return the lost item to its owner.

Due to the pandemic, the Games Room Etc., like many other campus departments, began working virtually and has been unable to collect or return any lost items. As a result, we will be extending our usual 90 day holding period to allow the campus community to inquire about any items they may have left behind when the campus community went virtual. As of March 2020, we had items from December 2019 through March 13, 2020. Since we have been unable to return those items since then, we will now be holding onto the items until the end of fall semester, December 12, 2021. You will have until then to call us at 909-869-4465 or email us at asigamesroom@cpp.edu to inquire about a lost item.

When you contact us inquiring about a lost item, please provide us with:

  • Your name, email, and phone number
  • A detailed description of the item (including color, size, contents, etc.)
  • Potential date item was lost
  • Possible location where item was lost

Once we have received your lost item request, we will check our item database to see if we are in possession of the item you described. If we do have a potential match for your item, we will work with you to schedule an appointment to stop by to confirm the item is yours and complete the process of returning the item to you. If we don’t have a potential match for your item, we will log the request into our database so if the item is brought to us, we will have your information already stored in preparation to return the item to you. Return of lost items will be by appointment and will follow all current guidelines listed on the CPP Safer Return Website, which you can find more information on.

If you would like to inquire about a lost item or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us through email at asigamesroom@cpp.edu.

Contact Info
Games Room Etc. Front Desk (Bldg. 35-1110)
Phone: 909-869-4467
Email: asigamesroom@cpp.edu