Indoor Rock Climbing

Welcome to the Bronco Peak. This unmistakable centerpiece housed within the BRIC offers something fun and challenging for all levels of experience. Marked as the Tallest wall in the CSU system, The Bronco peak stands three stories tall, towering 51 feet into the air while also including a specialized 12 foot bouldering section. Equipped with 15 top-rope anchors, a Rappelling ledge and 8 lead lines, The Bronco Peak is truly a state of the art form of recreation and should be a part of every CPP Student’s experience while on campus. Whether you would like to try climbing for the first time or are a seasoned climbing machine, you can push your mental and fitness level to new heights all while meeting new friends and community members!

Instructor belaying a student on the rock wall

Overview of the Bronco Peak

51 foot wall routes from 5.5 to 5.12
12 foot Boulder problems from VB to V7+
15 Top Ropes
15 Lead Lines
Designed and Built by Rockwerx

Climbing Wall Hours

Regular Academic Hours
Monday – Friday: 10:45am-9:15pm
Saturday – Sunday: 12:45pm-6:15pm
Summer Hours
Monday – Thursday: 3pm-8pm
Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed
Holiday Hours

Come by and “Try a Climb”

Come to the Bronco Peak at any time to try a climb! This free program allows users to quickly and efficiently climb 1-2 routes at our wall before committing to a 2 hour climbing wall orientation. There are no prerequisites and this is a great opportunity to conquer your fears and enjoy the excitement that comes with climbing a wall!

Climbing Wall Orientation and Belay class

This is a free mandatory orientation for members who are new to the Bronco Peak (BRIC climbing wall). This training instructs new users in climbing wall rules, lessons in falling, spotting and belaying. Experienced climbers may request to test out of the belaying portion. After completing the course, members can climb at the wall during open climb hours.

Regular Academic Hours
Monday: 11:00am-1pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 3pm-5pm
Thursday – Friday: 11:00am-1pm
Saturday – Sunday: 1pm-3pm
Summer Hours
Monday – Thursday: 3pm-5pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am-12pm

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Check Out Desk – Members can rent Climbing shoes, a harness, and all associated climbing hardware at no cost. Socks must be worn with climbing shoes and can be purchased at the Member Services Front Desk.

Member Services Front Desk – Items for Purchase
Cotton Socks – $1.00
Hair Ties (required for long hair) – $1.99
Chalk Ball – $3.00
Chalk Bag – $12.00