people balancing in the BRIC pool


  1. Only trained and authorized ASI staff are permitted to move umbrellas and other weighted deck furniture.
  2. Only deck furniture provided by ASI Campus Recreation is permitted.
  3. Deck furniture may not impede the egress or general traffic flow.
  4. Individuals are prohibited from:
    1. Accessing the pool without a certified and authorized ASI Campus Recreation Lifeguard on duty
    2. Using tobacco products anywhere in the pool complex and within 20 feet of the perimeter
    3. Consuming any food, gum and/or beverages in the pool with the exception of clear, drinking water in a non-breakable container
    4. Running, pushing, dunking, water fighting, chicken fights, hanging on the backs of other swimmers, breath holding contests, hypoxic breathing, and other horseplay activities in the water or on the deck
    5. Diving
    6. Removing any ASI furniture or equipment provided from the pool complex
    7. Blowing the nose, or urinating in the pool
    8. Spitting anywhere except in designated trash receptacles
    9. Storing personal belongings in the pool complex offices, storage rooms, and maintenance areas and on or under the lifeguard towers
    10. Hanging or sitting on the lane lines
  1. Monopolization of any area of the deck, as determined by ASI Campus Recreation staff, is not permitted without a confirmed facility reservation.
  2. Only authorized reservation groups may only use the barbeque area.
  3. In the event of inclement weather, ASI Campus Recreation staff may close sections or the entire pool due to visual and safety limitations. The staff maintain the right to refuse or revoke admittance as a safety precaution.
  4. All pool users are required to shower prior to entering the pool.
  5. Participants are required to follow the directions of lifeguards and other ASI Campus Recreation staff. Do not distract lifeguards. Upon a long whistle blast signal from lifeguards ― stop what you are doing and follow the lifeguard’s directive.
  6. Personal flotation devices are subject to the discretion and approval of authorized ASI Campus Recreation staff.
  7. Pool toys are restricted to those that are provided or authorized by ASI Campus Recreation for original intention.
  8. Equipment should be returned to the proper storage location following use.
  9. Use of the pool may be refused to anyone appearing to have a contagious or infectious condition, such as a cold, athlete’s foot, ringworm, boils, and other skin infections.
  10. Participants experiencing or that have experienced stomach illness (active diarrhea) within the past fourteen (14) days are not allowed to enter the pool water.
  11. For female-bodied individuals, appropriate swimwear is that which covers breasts, entire buttocks, genitals, and the pubic region. For male-bodied individuals, appropriate swimwear is that which covers the entire buttocks, genitals, and the pubic region. Street clothes, cut-off jeans, shorts below the knees, thongs and see-through swimwear are prohibited. Shirts that are worn in the pool must be clean or apparel designed for aquatic use.  Participants with concerns regarding modesty or sun protection may wear clean, covering garments that do not interfere with their safety in the water.
  12. Any participant, who does not demonstrate the ability to swim safely in deep water, may be required to pass a swim test (administered by the Lifeguard on duty).
  13. All goggles and masks must be well fitted and have tempered glass.
  14. Fins of any size are only permitted in designated lap swimming areas unless otherwise permitted by authorized ASI Campus Recreation staff.
  15. Participants are required to dry off before entering the facility restrooms.
  16. Shoes/footwear are required to be worn to and from the pool.
  17. No pets, except service animals are permitted on the pool deck.

Lockers are available for your convenience and security of your valuables.

Towel rentals are available at the equipment checkout desk with BRIC Member Services.