Elected Positions

The following positions must meet the CSU system wide requirement of eligibility, which includes: A 2.0 GPA or higher, attended one semester at Cal Poly Pomona, having taken and received credit for at least six semester units, and being in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity and having not exceeded the unit load maximum.

  • President

    ASI President giving speech during an event.


    The ASI President is the Chief Executive Student Leader, Chair of the Cabinet and supervisor of Student Government. They oversee the responsibilities of the Cabinet and is a voting member of the Senate. They serve the student body by representing them at a multitude of events through the academic year.

    The ASI President does this by:

    The ASI President sets the ASI goals for the academic year and conducts the interviews for appointed and volunteer positions to be filled. They shall be held accountable to the students for proper conduct and efficient administration of all ASI student affairs.

  • Vice President

    ASI Vice President giving speech at an event

    Vice President

    The ASI Vice President is the Chair of the Senate and oversees the responsibilities of the Senate. They are also a voting member of the Senate and attends Cabinet meetings.

    The ASI Vice President also:

    • Acts in the place of the ASI President in the event of a leave of absence, incapacity or resignation.
    • Assists the ASI President in establishing the annual goals and objectives for all ASI employees in coordination with the ASI Executive Director.
    • Attends and serves on various ASI and univerisity-wide committees.
  • Senators & Senators-At-Large

    Student Government representative talking at an event


    The voting members of the Senate consist of eight Senators, one from each University college, as well as four elected Senators representing each of the At-Large councils (Multicultural Council, Student Interest Council, Greek Council and Inter-Hall Council).

    They are responsible for:

    • Creating and passing regulations and policies consistent with the ASI By-Laws, the Articles of Incorporation, University policy, CSU policy and state and federal law.
    • Providing fiscal oversight and making appropriate decisions to protect ASI‘s financial interest.
    • Approving the ASI and BSC Annual Budgets.
    • Attending their respective council meetings.
    • Facilitating communication between ASI, the campus and their constituency.
    • Serving on a minimum of two relevant committees to represent ASI.

    The additional position, Senator Pro-Tempore is created by electing a seated Senator to serve in additional capacity.