Student Government Opportunities

The following positions must meet the CSU system wide requirement of eligibility, which includes: A 2.0 GPA or higher, attended one semester at Cal Poly Pomona, having taken and received credit for at least six semester units, and being in good standing with the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity and having not exceeded the unit load maximum.

CSU Requirements For Student Office Holders Download

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Appointed Positions

Application Period: May – July
How to Apply: Learn more about: Appointed Positions


Officer of Graduate Services Senator-at-Large, Greek Council
Officer of Civic Engagement Officer of Legislative Affairs
Officer of Academic Affairs College of Education and Integrative Studies Senator
Officer of Internal Affairs Senator-at-Large, Multicultural Council
Senator-at-Large, Inter-Hall Council

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Elected Positions

Application Period: Spring Semester

How to Apply: For more information, follow the Elections committee process.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Agriculture Senator
  • Business Senator
  • CEIS Senator
  • CLASS Senator
  • CCHM Senator
  • Environmental Design Senator
  • Engineering Senator
  • Science Senator
  • Senator-at-Large (Greek)
  • Senator-at-Large (IHC)
  • Senator-at-Large (MCC)
  • Senator-at-Large (SIC)

*Positions that are not filled during Elections in Spring Semester can be filled in the Summer or Fall Semester.

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Committee Appointments

There are a host of ASI specific and university wide committees. We welcome you to apply to be part of our committees as Student-at-Larges.

Application Period:Fall Semester

How to Apply:For more information, follow the Committee Appointments page.


  • ASI Facilities & Operations (F&O)
  • ASI Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC)
  • ASI Elections Committee
  • ASI Basic Needs Committee
  • University-Wide Committee
  • Ad-Hoc ASI Sustainability Committee
  • Ad-Hoc ASI Diversity Funding Guidelines Committee
  • Ad-Hoc ASI Lifetime Membership Committee