Human Resources Committee


  • Review and recommend changes or additions to ASI personnel policies to the ASI Board of Directors
  • Review and ensure personnel procedures and practices comply with all applicable policies, regulations, and
    follow generally accepted human resource standards

For more information, please see the Human Resources Committee Code below:
Human Resources Committee Code

Human Resource Committee meetings are CLOSED to the public.


Agendas and Minutes

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minutes and/or reports from specific meeting dates.

Meet the Human Resources Committee Members

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  • Committee Members

    Aliza Ortega



    Portrait of Alham Garcia

    Alham Garcia

    Science Senator 

    Committee Member

    Kiana Jokar

    Kiana Jokar

    Officer of Transfer Engagement

    Committee Member

    Kaitlyn Sedmak

    VPSA Designee

    Committee Member

    Dr. Liz Roosa Millar

    VPSA Designee

    Committee Member

    Portrait of Billy Bronco

    Danisha Lawrence

    Director of Human Resources

    Dr. Lauren Simon

    Student Government Assistant

    Recording Secretary