Appointed Student Government Positions

The following positions must meet the CSU system wide requirement of eligibility, which includes: A 2.0 GPA or higher, attended one semester at Cal Poly Pomona, having taken and received credit for at least six semester units, and being in good standing with the Office of Judicial Affairs and having not exceeded the unit load maximum.

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Attorney General

The ASI Attorney General is an Executive Member, the chair of the ASI Rules and Policies Committee and serves on the ASI Senate and Cabinet, ASI Finance Committee, ASI Facilities and Operations Committee, and Elections Committee.

The Attorney General is authorized to:

  • Serve as Parliamentarian on committees and assist to conduct all meetings under Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • Ensure organization and entity-wide compliance with and consistent application of ASI rules, codes, policies and the ASI By-Laws as well as applicable state and/or federal law.
  • Review ASI By-Laws to ensure that council or club By-Laws do not conflict with the ASI‘s, and assign student clubs to a council in coordination with the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.

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Elections Chair

The Elections Chair is a member of the Cabinet and chairs the Elections Committee.

The Elections Chair is responsible for:

  • Providing necessary outreach to the student body regarding the process for becoming a candidate in an upcoming election.
  • Leading the Elections Committee in coordinating ASI General Elections and Special Elections/Referendums when requested.
  • Maintaining the electoral system and handling any complaints that may arise during the election process.
  • Informing the student body of election results.

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Secretary of Internal Affairs

The Secretary of Internal Affairs is responsible for overseeing a variety of internal campus affairs on behalf of ASI and coordinating all efforts to improve campus awareness in programs relating to campus student affairs.

The Secretary of Internal Affairs is authorized to:

  • Chair the ASI Intercouncil meetings.
  • Represent ASI with intercollegiate athletics and coordinate the efforts of the student members and related committees.
  • Coordinate the BASE Volunteer Program

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Secretary of External Affairs

The Secretary of External Affairs is the Chair of the ASI Lobby Corps Board and attends monthly meetings as a Cal Poly Pomona representative of the California State Student Association (CSSA).

The Secretary of External Affairs is authorized to:

  • Keep ASI informed of any federal and/or state legislation that affects Cal Poly Pomona and the student body.
  • Promote outreach activities, awareness drives, student rallies and voter registration for student advocacy.
  • Coordinate with the ASI President to inform the ASI Senate of news releases and other pertinent information from the Office of the Chancellor, California State University, the Office of the University President and the California State Student Association.

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Secretary of Programs and Services

The Secretary of Programs and Services is the Chair of the ASI Facilities and Operations Committee.

The Secretary of Programs and Services is responsible for:

  • Maintaining relations with campus groups and organizations by establishing co-sponsorships and other collaborative events.
  • Scheduling and coordinating all events with ASI Student Government.

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Secretary of Sustainability

The Secretary of Sustainability is the chair of the ASI Sustainability board and seeks to make ASI and Cal Poly Pomona a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus and serves as the lead student representative on sustainability related initiatives and projects within ASI.

The Secretary of Sustainability is responsible for:

  • Initiating and collaborating between ASI and other environmentally friendly organizations and departments on campus.
  • Providing outreach to increase the education of environmentally friend programs.

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The ASI Treasurer is an Executive Member, the chair of the ASI Finance Committee, member of the Cabinet and Senate and liaison for the ASI Rules and Policies Committee.

The Treasurer is authorized to:

  • Chair the ASI Joint Budget F&O/Finance Committee Meetings.
  • Oversee fiscal matters pertaining to clubs and councils through the ASI Finance Committee.
  • Provide outreach to Treasurers from clubs and councils by offering budget workshops and assistance with forms.
  • Plan and implement all ASI Annual Budgeting Workshops.
  • Assisting with the drafting of the ASI Budget.