ASI To Offer Complimentary Menstrual Products

Flow menstrual product dispenser on a wall

In effort to support Domain 2: Basic Needs Resources of the Action Plan for 2021-22, ASI will offer complimentary menstrual products to the CPP campus community.

We partnered with Flow to install dispensers in the Bronco Student Center (BSC, Bldg. 35), Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC, Bldg. 42), and Children’s Center (Bldg. 116), to provide freely accessible menstrual products—100% organic cotton tampons and pads! The products offer single-type, light to regular flow solutions for immediate access to students at no cost.

The purpose is to provide students with equitable access to basic needs. In Spring 2019, our ASI team started a pilot program for complimentary menstrual products in one restroom in the BSC. Due to the 2020 Basic Needs Reallocation and the budget and plan for complimentary menstrual products approved by the 2020-21 ASI Board of Directors, we were able to move forward with a permanent solution for students.

In addition to dispensers, the Poly Pantry will continue to provide menstrual products for students to meet their needs. Appointments are available online via ASI Portal.

For questions regarding the complimentary menstrual products, please contact Krista Smith, ASI associate executive director, at


1. Are the menstrual products really free?


2. Is there a limit to how many menstrual products I can take?

Complimentary menstrual products from the Flow dispensers are intended to offer immediate solutions at no cost. While we will not be regulating and limiting the number you take, we do ask that you take only what you need. The Poly Pantry stocks additional menstrual products in larger quantities.

3. What types of menstrual products are provided?

Our dispensers are stocked with 100% organic cotton tampons and pads with biodegradable packaging! The tampons have a cardboard applicator and support “regular absorbency.” The pads are thin with wings and sticky back to support “high capacity.”

4. How many dispenser locations?

There are 18 dispensers in the BSC (16 located in restrooms, and 2 located in common spaces of the facility). The BRIC currently has 14 dispensers (8 located in restrooms, 3 in common spaces, 1 additional open-concept in the universal changing room, and 2 in the common restrooms outside of the BRIC). One dispenser is located in the main lobby space at the Children’s Center.