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Aspire to Inspire Talent Wheel

Welcome to the Aspire to Inspire (A2I) Leadership Network! A2I is an exciting professional development path available to all ASI staff. It consists of various workshops, sessions, and trainings (both on and off campus) that support professional development, grow leadership skills, and showcase staff talents. The ASI Talent Development framework is based on 6 learning domains: knowledge, cognition, interpersonal skills, interpersonal skills, human and civic engagement and practical competence. The A2I Leadership Network supports this framework by providing professional development opportunities to all ASI staff.

  • How To Get Started

    Step 1: Orientation

    The Aspire to Inspire Leadership Network has 2 paths, Aspire and Inspire. To learn more about Aspire to Inspire, begin the orientation today!

    Step 2: Decide on your learning

    First, identify workshops of interest to participate in by conducting a self-assessment. You are encouraged to schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss opportunities that would be best suited for your professional development.

    Branch = Interaction with the World, Internal Thinking, Leading Others, Limbs = Topics/Skills, Leaves = Workshops

    You determine your A2I path. You may select workshops individually or create a plan outlining workshops of interest that align with each of the limb requirements.

    All  branches  of the A2I Aspire path  can be completed simultaneously. Yo u have the flexibility to pick and  choose which branch you would like to begin with.  To accomplish the A2I  Aspire path,  all three branches are required (i.e. Interaction with the World, Internal Thinking, and Leading Others).

    Step 3: Submit your request for credit

    In order to  receive  A2I  Aspire  credit, you need  to  complete a workshop reflection for each of the workshops you attend. This reflection will be  based on the requirements  of  the workshop.

  • Suggested Options

    You may select workshops, conferences, online session both on and off campus that meet the learning outcomes of Aspire to Inspire. We have a list of suggested opportunities, but this list is just a starting point.

    Aspire Branch Limb Collections Some Key Search Words
    Interaction with the world Communication LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Business Communication, communicating effectively, writing emails, email etiquette, non-verbal communication, body language., public speaking
    Teamwork LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Dealing with Workplace Conflict, negotiating skills
    Career Management LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Professional Effectiveness, Leadership, Career Development, interview, resume, job search
    Digital Technology LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Technology in Workplace, Microsoft, PowerPoint/ Excel / Word, Certification, Communication Productivity & Collaboration Tools
    Internal Thinking Critical Thinking LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Decision-Making, Problem Solving, Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills, Creative Thinking, Creativity in the Workplace; Growth Mindset
    Global & Diversity Fluency LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Diversity on the Job, Collaboration, Cross-Cultural Communication
    Professionalism/Work Ethic LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Time Management, Polishing Your Professional Edge, Professional Phone Calls, business ethic, networking
    Leading Others Management LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Project management, managing teams, productivity
    Leadership LinkedIn Learning  |  SumTotal Leadership, Leadership Essentials, Improving Leadership Skills, Strategy Growth, Strategy and Innovation, Women in Leadership, Leveraging Team Leadership Skills
  • Request for Credit

    In order to receive A2I Aspire credit, you need to complete a workshop reflection available at CSU Learn for each of the workshops you attend. This reflection will be based on the requirements of the workshop.

  • Track Your Progress

    After submission of request for credit, your reflection will be reviewed by the A2I task team. To track your progress log into CSU Learn.

    To achieve the Aspire path, completion of all three branches is required.

    A2I – Aspire Path
    BRANCH Limbs + Requirement
    Interaction with the World 1. Communication – 2 hours
    2. Teamwork – 2 hours
    3. Career Management – 2 hours
    4. Digital Technology – 2 hours
    Total = 10 hours (Can do 2 hours in any limb, in addition to the 8 hours above)
    Internal Thinking 5. Critical Thinking – 2 hours
    6. Global & Diversity Fluency – 2 hours
    7. Professionalism/Work Ethic – 2 hours
    Total = 10 hour requirement (Can do 4 hours in any limb, in addition to the 6 hours above)
    Leading Others 8. Management – 2 hours
    9. Leadership – 2 hours
    Total = 10 hour requirement (Can do 6 hours in any limb, in addition to the 4 hours above)

    After completion of the Aspire path, you may begin the Inspire path.

  • Contact

    Should you have any questions, suggestions and or comments email