Virtual Art Exhibit

The Virtual Art Exhibit is a collection of artworks created by Cal Poly Pomona students amidst an era of mandated online learning. Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is focused on showcasing diversity and creating a stimulating environment for students to grow culturally and intellectually. By curating the Virtual Art Exhibit on an online platform, the ASI Art Program strives to maintain the demonstration of the arts through social media.

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Maria-Lisa Flemington
(909) 869-4829

Gradus ad Parnassum

Artist: Kenneth Truong Medium: Drawing Location: Virtual

Sunflower Eyes

Painting of a green women with sunflower eyes
Artist: Piper Bridgman Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Location: Virtual


Closeup of a pink daisy
Artist: Carla Ghafari Medium: Photography Location: Virtual

Discovering Nature's Constants

Artist: Ryan Valdezotto Medium: Digital Location: Virtual

Island Waves

Painting of a an island beach with waves
Artist: Zena Basma Medium: Oil on Canvas Location: Virtual

Mask Up

Painting of a woman wearing a mask
Artist: Adrianna Gonzales Medium: Drawing. Digitally revamped. Location: Virtual


Museum board and LED lights machine
Artist: Rafaela Dandolin Rech Medium: Museum board and LED lights Location: Virtual

phase 1: millenial youth

Millenial Youth typography artwork
Artist: Kira Medium: Typography Location: Virtual

Isabelle from Animal Crossing

Dress mannequin with a faux fur tail
Artist: Isabelle Lee Medium: Faux Fur, Photography Location: Virtual

Acrylic Dip

Acrylic dip painting
Artist: Valerie Tapia Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Location: Virtual


Man standing against a brick wall
Artist: Jasper Low Medium: Photography Location: Virtual

The Mind and Colors of a College Student

Colorful abstract painting
Artist: Melany Batad Medium: Colored wax on computer paper Location: Virtual

Danaus plexippus (Monarch butterfly)

Illustration of a monarch butterfly
Artist: Phillip Callahan Medium: Ink watercolor digital Location: Virtual


Painting of an older man with a hat
Artist: Mahan Asghari Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Location: Virtual

Happy Birthday Miriam!

Drawing of a man holding a chihuahua
Artist: Karen Jimenez Trejo Medium: Drawing Location: Virtual

Wandering Priestess

Painting of a woman with abstract background
Artist: Darathy Chheang Medium: Digital Location: Virtual


Painting of a woman against a pink abstract background
Artist: Ethan Moll Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Location: Virtual


Poem titled Sunshine
Artist: DJ Williams Medium: Poetry Location: Virtual


Abstract black and white shapes drawing
Artist: Annikka Priya Rodriguez Medium: Drawing Location: Virtual

The Magician's Jacket

Handmade magician cloak on a mannequin
Artist: J.T. Bills Medium: Primarily Dupioni Silk and Misc. Cotton Location: Virtual