General Election 2020

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How to Register to Vote

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Important Dates

Election Day is November 3

Registration deadlines
• Online: Oct. 19
• By mail: Postmarked by Oct. 19
• In person: Nov. 3

Absentee ballot deadlines
• Request: Oct. 27
• Return by mail: Postmarked by Nov. 3
• Return in person: Nov. 3 by 8 p.m.

Early voting
Oct. 5 – Nov. 2. Dates and hours may vary based on location.

Additional information
You may register and vote on Election Day.

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1. Who can register to vote?
To register to vote in California, you must be:

2. How can I register to vote?
You can go to to register and update your registration status!

3. When does early voting begin?
In the state of California, early voting begins on Monday, October 5 (week 7). Around that time, the state of California will release a list of locations where you can vote and drop off your ballot. Kellogg Arena at Cal Poly Pomona will be a designated voting center beginning on Friday, October 23.

4. I don’t want to vote in person because of COVID. How do I apply for a mail-in ballot?
Because of COVID, beginning on Monday, October 5, every registered Californian will automatically receive a mail-in ballot. You will not have to register as an official absentee voter in this election. Once you receive your ballot, you can either drop it off at any US Post Office or USPS mailbox. However, the ballot must be postmarked by Election Day, Tuesday, November 3. If you do not wish to vote by mail, you can vote at one of the designated voting centers on or before Election Day.

5. How can I learn more about the issues or politicians on the ballot?
Do your research! Since presidential election years are often where turnout is the highest, you’ll see a stuffed ballot that commands your knowledge of the election. Depending on your county and city, you may be voting for quite a few local officials. In addition, there are 12 California propositions on the ballot. Don’t wait to the last minute to research what you’ll be voting for. And share what you know with friends, coworkers, and family members!