ASI Fundraising FAQs

Who do people make a check out to?
Checks should be made out to ASI and the name of your club in this order: Associated Students Inc, Name of Your Club. For example, the Happy-go-lucky Club would have their checks made out to “Associated Student Inc, Happy-go-lucky Club.” Make sure they include the name of your club after ASI so that the check will be deposited into your club’s account.

We received a check or cash donation. What do we do with it?
You can turn checks in to ASI Financial Services, Building 35-2123.

Where can donors mail a donation check?
Donation checks can be mailed to Cal Poly Pomona Gift Processing Office, PO Box 3121, Pomona, CA 91769. Make sure that they include the name of your club on the check. See above: “Who do people make a check out to?”

Can people give gifts or donations via credit card?
Yes, please reach out to the Gift Processing Office at (909) 869-2914 or for credit card processing options.

How do we get a W9 for companies?
For charitable donations under $3,000 or non-charitable donations of any amount, you can obtain ASI’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) or the W-9 Form here. For donations $3,000 or more, use the CPP Philanthropic Foundation’s W-9 Form.

How do we solicit donations for club activities?
Step 1: Develop your fundraising strategy and draft solicitation materials.
Step 2: Reach out to the Gift Processing Officer at (909) 869-2914 or to review and approve all solicitation materials before sending to prospective donors.
Basic templates for Introduction and Thank You letters can be found on the Student Club Fundraising page.

How do we access our funds?
A donation under $3,000 will be deposited into an ASI Donation account (5XXXXX). To access money in this fund, contact ASI Financial Services at Bldg. 35-2123 at (909) 869-2800. Their hours are 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit them online at

A donation in the amount of $3,000 or more will be deposited into the Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation. To access these funds, your faculty advisor will work with the college or department area budget analyst.

How do we start a crowdfunding campaign?
Step 1: Make sure you have the people and time to handle a crowdfunding campaign – it takes work and we want you to succeed!
Step 2: Develop your crowdfunding strategy and fundraising goals.
Step 3: Go to and submit an application.
The Annual Fund team will reach out to you to mentor you through the crowdfunding set-up process.

Are donations tax-deductible? Will donors receive a charitable-tax receipt?
Yes and yes. A tax receipt will be issued to donor once their gift is deposited by Gift Processing.

Can we sell stuff to raise money?
Yes, but any money collected for selling things is not considered charitable. Asking for donations is charitable; a bake sale is not. No goods or services can be exchanged for a donation.

What if we receive a donation for $3,000 or more?
A donation of $3,000 or more will be managed by the Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation. A faculty or staff member who has authorization to access the funds will need to work with the college or department budget analyst to spend them. Gifts over $3,000 will be charged a one-time 5% gift-administration fee.

Does all of this apply to sororities and fraternities?
No. Due to tax laws, these changes apply to clubs only, not to fraternities or sororities.