Student Club Fundraising

New & Exciting Changes

  • Charitable gifts can now be deposited directly to your ASI donation account and no fees will be incurred
  • It’s easy to access and spend the money, and you can spend every dollar you raise!

What’s Required?

  • Every CPP student club and organization is required to register with the Office of Student Life in order to receive charitable or non-charitable donations. Any financial support received by a registered CPP club or org, charitable or non-charitable, must be deposited into the student club’s/organization’s ASI Donation account (5XXXXX) or Agency account (3XXXXX) respectively.

What is a Charitable Gift?

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  • In order to issue a charitable tax receipt, no goods or services may be given in exchange for the gift
  • For example, a bake sale or car wash where the donor is receiving something would not be eligible for a charitable tax receipt
  • When a friend, family member or other supporter gives your club money and you give nothing in return, that is a donation to your student club where CPP Gift Processing will issue a charitable tax receipt
  • Profit Sharing: when a student club partners with an organization (normally a restaurant or food establishment) to share a portion of their profits for a specific period of time – this is a charitable donation
  • Charitable gifts should be deposited to your ASI Donation account (5XXXXX account)

What is a Non-Charitable Gift?

  • If there’s an exchange of goods or services for a donation, then the donation is not charitable, and the donor will NOT receive a charitable tax receipt
  • Any money collected for selling things such as a bake sale is not charitable
  • Non-charitable gifts should be deposited to your ASI Agency account (3XXXXX account)