ASI Facilities Management

The Maintenance department oversee the largest capital assets for ASI that includes the Bronco Student Center, and the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex. We are dedicated to the concept of improving productivity and effectiveness through more efficient use of time and materials, implementation of new technology and equipment, and improving skills through training and seminars. It is recognized that the major strengths of the department are the employees and available resources used in the performance of its work.

The Facilities management team is committed to providing its employees with dignity and respect, fostering positive attitudes and acceptable behavior; recognizing satisfactory employee performance, administering policies fairly, and communicating the plans and directions of the department to all employees.

Custodial Services

Custodial Services is committed to maintaining, cleaning, and protecting the interior portions of ASI’s facilities. We focus on providing a safe, attractive, functional, and comfortable environment for our staff, students, and visitors that will contribute to a positive learning experience and student success.

The services include: sanitizing, floor care, stocking paper products, and collecting and disposing of waste.

ASI Custodial Assistant working in the BSC


We provide all work associated with the interior and exterior building structure and components; maintaining over 160,000 square feet of space. We are dedicated to providing a quick response to all issues related to building security and personal safety.
The services provided:

  • Repair doors and door jams
  • Repair to floors
  • Replacement of ceiling tiles
  • Repair/replacement of wall systems
  • Installation and repair to windows and window coverings
  • Installation of cabinets, bookshelves, and counters
  • Troubleshoot/Repair electrical issues, plumbing, HVAC
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Manage Energy Management System
  • Oversee BRIC pool equipment and boilers

ASI Maintenance worker have discussion with other workers


Vic Martin: Associate Director of Operations
(909) 869-5028


International Sanitary Supply Association

National Facilities Management & Technology Conference/Exposition

Pacific Coast Region of APPA Leadership in Educational Facilities