2022 ASI Elections Results

ASICPP 2022 Elections, Your Vote Matters
737 ballots were cast in the 2022 ASI Elections
an 86% increase from 2021

Your 2022-23 ASI Student Leaders

MicrosoftTeams-image (6)
Left to Right: Aliza Ortega and Daniel Foncello

President & Vice President

Aliza Ortega and Daniel Foncello
370 votes

College of Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences Senator

Raneen Vace
79 votes

College of Environmental Design Senator

Ilke (LK) Suzer
48 votes

College of Agriculture Senator

Esperanza Lopez
37 votes

Senator at Large: Multi-Cultural Council

Ryan Beacham
568 votes

College of Science Senator

Alham Garcia
96 votes

College of Engineering Senator

Guillermo Nila
125 votes

College of Business Senator

Naman Pandadiya
98 votes

Senator at Large: Student Interest Council

Jacob Reyes
600 votes

Senator at Large: Greek Council

Natalie Padilla
605 votes

Proposed changes to the ASI Bylaws

658 votes for “Yes” to change the ASI Bylaws

Photo from the ASI Election Results (featuring the 2022-23 Elected Student Leaders from top to bottom, left to right): Naman Pandadiya, Raneen Vace, Alham Garcia, LK Suzer, Natalie Padilla, Guillermo Nila, Daniel Foncello, Jacob Reyes, Esperanza Lopez. (Not pictured Aliza Ortega and Ryan Beacham)


Get Involved!

There’s still an opportunity to serve as a Student Government representative. Any student who has at least 2.0 GPA or higher, attended one semester at Cal Poly Pomona, having taken and received credit for at least six semester units, and being in good standing with the Office of Conduct and Integrity as well as having not exceeded the unit load maximum is encouraged to contact Student Government at lcsimon@cpp.edu or visit the Student Government Opportunities webpage.

Position descriptions and applications are available on the Student Government website.

Looking for more info?

For questions or concerns, contact ASI Elections Chair at asielections@cpp.edu
Also, visit ASI’s blog to stay up-to-date on ASI events, newsworthy information and much more at The Campus Crop and check out ASI Events.