2020 ASI Elections Candidates

Make your voice heard and cast your vote for your 2020-2021 ASI Student Government!

Online voting via myBAR starts on Monday, March 9 at 7:00 a.m. and ends on Thursday, March 12 at 7:00 a.m. Check your CPP email for the myBAR link to vote.

Results will be announced on Thursday, March 12 from noon – 1:00 p.m. at University Park. If rain occurs, event will be relocated to BSC, Ursa Minor (Bldg. 35-2135)

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President and Vice President

Ticket One

Kimberly Cortez headshot

Kimberly Cortez

ASI President

I, Kimberly Cortez, am running for the 2020-2021 ASI presidential election. As a third year, majoring in Agriculture Science, I have been present for the multiple changes of Cal Poly Pomona from the social culture to the academic culture. I have been an active member on this campus, from living in the Halls my freshmen year to working at the University Police Department as Lead Student Assistant. I along with you Broncos are calling for action from Associated Students, Incorporated which mission statement includes,

“Foster student advocacy, representation, engagement and academic success. Establish opportunities for learning, leadership and development for students and its staff. Create an environment that promotes collaborative partnerships, cultural diversity and campus pride. Provide high quality facilities, programs and services to students, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni and the off-campus community.”

I along with many Broncos here, haven’t felt like ASI has lived up to their mission statement to the fullest extent. Now is the time to work with me to make changes to our campus and allow the campus climate to heal. As president I will not be quiet on issues happening within our community and make sure your voices are finally heard. Let’s work together and become a united voice and create a change together. SI SE PUEDE!

Tyler S. Palonsky headshot

Tyler S. Palonsky

ASI Vice President

Dear Fellow Broncos, my name is Tyler Palonsky, and I am running for Vice President of Associated Student Incorporated. I am currently a third year working on my Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. I have been involved on campus in a lot of capacity and got to make friends with so many Broncos, yet it frustrates me that so many Broncos don’t feel welcomed onto our campus. I have spent my time on campus trying to make those around me feel welcomed through being a Resident Advisor on campus to working for ASI as the Attorney General. Though it time for us to unite together and create an atmosphere where not only do you belong, but you feel understood. Working with our student body, we can create a healthy and active campus life for those that live on campus or those that commute. I believe that if we can engage our school, then we will not only be a place for education but a site that makes you want to stay and make everlasting connections. While creating this place, I will work with the students to help show them resources and being available to lend an open ear for those that want to chat. Cal Poly Pomona has given so many opportunities to grow and work as a student. I want to be able to express my gratitude by serving you, my friends, and fellow Broncos and help foster those experiences for you.

Ticket Two

Randell Monzon headshot

Randell Monzon

ASI President

First and Foremost, my fellow Broncos I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to be informed. My name is Randell Monzon, a third year Political Science Major running for ASI

President; wooh wooh! Let’s be real, I am interested in this position because I would like to pursue a career as a campaign manager and city council representative. But first, I want to help students succeed towards a promising future. Therefore, I would like to put in practice the “Learn by Doing” motto. No matter the doubt, I am an exceptional candidate for this position based on my past and present qualities of leadership. For example, I am involved in Bronco Lead, B.A.S.E, National Society of Leaders & Success, Mock Trial, and have volunteered in areas in school so that I can support my fellow broncos any possible way. Through these opportunities my development of leadership, communication, interpersonal relationships, and problem solving continue to grow. Fun fact: over the years, I have acquired certificates in Mental Health Ally, Supportive Services, and Commissioner & Associate Justice of Student Government. So why not run for ASI President?  My mission as President would be to focus on budget allocation, basic needs, housing/homelessness, emergency contraception accessibility, behavioral intervention team, RISC Act, and advocacy for underrepresented students, student employees, parent students, and students with disabilities. With that said, please vote for Randell Monzon as ASI President. Check me out on Instagram @Randell_365. #HandleRandell #ProgressNotPerfection #That’s right!

Marco Rosas headshot

Marco Rosas

ASI Vice President

My name is Marco Rosas, I am a Political Science major and a third-year transfer student. I am running for Vice President of ASI. I have worked in Human Resources and I was part of ASI’s BASE program. These experiences have helped me realize that being a leader is more than just giving orders and making hard decisions. Being a leader also means listening. Cal Poly Pomona is a very diverse campus and I want to make sure that every student’s voice is heard and most importantly, represented. My main goal as Vice President will be to remind everyone in ASI of this as well as standing up for the students when others do not.

Ticket Three

Portrait of Lucy Yu

Lucy Yu

ASI President

Hello, my name is Lucy Yu and I am running for your ASI President. As a third year Hospitality Management major, with a minor in Chinese studies I can connect with the study body from up the hill in Collins College all the way down to the suites where I currently live. Currently, I am holding the position of ASI Collins College of Hospitality Management Senator and just ended my term as Vice President of a 100-person organization. My passion for leadership and student government on our campus has grown exponentially since my freshman year because I have witnessed first-hand how we can positively affect the lives of our students. With our work experience and involvement on our campus we have brought innovative ideas to the table with proven results, such as addressing food and housing insecurity on campus and providing more funding for student organizations. Our goal is to further those projects and initiatives to our student body within this next school year. If elected, I will amplify the student voice in all parts of the University, compelling them to focus on our students and make them the top priority. Whether it may be our students’ needs, organizations, or overall success. I believe the key to this position is engaging and connecting with every student possible, building a relationship with as many students, faculty, and staff as possible. With this goal I want my administration to unite our student body.

Manshaan Singh headshot

Manshaan Singh

ASI Vice President

Ayeee, my name is Manshaan Singh and I’m running to serve as your ASI Vice President. I’m in my third year for an Environmental Biology degree, and when I’m not looking at pictures of cells, I serve as the ASI Attorney General. I’ll be honest, a year ago I didn’t see myself in ASI. I thought it was a giant barrier, and there was so much that I wanted to change about our campus. Last year I was serving as both the President of the Sikh Student Association and the Treasurer of the Mock Trial Team, with both positions having one thing in common: a massive amount of paperwork. The reason I joined ASI was to eliminate all this red tape and lay the foundation for a vibrant campus life that our students deserve. Students at Cal Poly Pomona usually are taking too many units, work a job or two, all while commuting. Our students deserve to have a community that they can lean on. While I’ve been here, I’ve removed the fundraising requirement for clubs, advocated for students to have priority in campus event scheduling, and increased funding for student organizations. As your Vice President I intend to continue focusing on students needs, organizations, and success as we build upon what we accomplished for this year. We intend to continue to support clubs in any way possible, advocate for better transportation, advising, and inclusion on campus, and get our library open for much longer hours.


College of Agriculture

Luis Gallegos headshot

Luis Gallegos

My name is Luis Gallegos and I am running to become ASI Senator for the College of Agriculture. As an Apparel Merchandising & Management major and third year transfer student, I want to be able to facilitate meaningful and impactful communication between ASI and the student body, especially those in the College of Agriculture. I have served in a number of leadership positions in the past including Student Body President of my high school, Vice President of Gay-Straight Alliance, and Student Representative for both the Interschool Communication Council of the Antelope Valley Unified High School District and college senate of my former university at UC Santa Cruz. I am most interested in becoming an ASI Senator for similar reasons that I had ran for my other positions, being that I find myself often frustrated with institutions that lack transparency in decision making that affects their constituency and I want to be a voice that accurately represents people that share these frustrations and concerns. My goal in serving as a senator is to perform the ascribed responsibilities in a manner that is most fair to the students that I represent first and foremost. By listening to and learning from points raised by students within the College of Agriculture, I hope to take appropriate action bringing up policies and regulations that best serve their interests. The role of any government is to serve the people they represent. Given the opportunity, I will stand firm on my obligation to do so. Whoever you are, be a good one – Abraham Lincoln. From 5 years, 60 months, 1825 days, 43,800 hours is what it took for me to get my AA. In addition, it took 2 years to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona. I would have never imagined coming to CPP, but I made it, I’m here, and I’m ready to make every opportunity count.

Portrait of Delilah Orta

Delilah Orta

Then I said, Let’s run for Senator I have become familiar with meeting new people because of my decision to move six hours away from home. I generally excel at meeting new people in a setting that I am both comfortable and uncomfortable. I set the foundation for a comfortable conversation, which requires both effectiveness of words and one’s ability to listen. When I listen to my co-workers, friends, and even people I have just met, my goal is to understand their wants and needs to provide an environment for a positive relationship. My life experience taught me to make judgments based off my past and own’s intuition. Teaching me that in any circumstance there is always a correct path to follow. Each situation I approach is done with patience and kindness. If I see there is a goal out of reach, I will set my limits, but I will not give up on them. Finding an outcome that is both efficient and plausible is by far my greatest strength. I will not promise you something that I cannot give, but I can promise that I will do my best to deliver what is expected of me. As representative of the student voice I have a responsibility to maintain the bridge between the school and its fellow students. Activities that associate the two is necessary to create a positive relationship. I pledge to uphold the duties of the senator by taking initiative towards financial responsibility and towards speaking on the behalf of the students, because in the end I speak for them.

College of Business

Jojo Boquiren headshot

Jojo Boquiren

My name is Jojo Boquiren and I am running for Business Senator! I am currently a second-year majoring in Computer Information Systems. I am excited to be running as Business Senator because I would like to be more involved within our community, but more importantly to serve students by acting as a voice for business organizations on campus. I am qualified for this position because I have past experience as Vice President of Chapter Operations and am currently serving as the Vice President of Community Service for my fraternity. As far as goals, I am eager to create strong connections and long-lasting relationships with business organizations on campus.

Alex Estrada headshot

Alex Estrada

My name is Alex Estrada and I am running to be the next College of Business Senator. I am currently a third-year Finance major and I am running because I want to finally be able to make a difference at Cal Poly in an official capacity. As the owner of @cppmemes on Instagram, for the past 16 months I have been made aware of the many problems that affect us students, but I was never able to do anything about any of them. Holding the position of Business Senator will finally allow me to work towards solutions for some of these problems and I hope to represent my peers with their best interests in mind.

Ravina Soma headshot

Ravina Soma

Hello! My name is Ravina Soma and I am running for the ASI Business Senator. I am currently in my 4th year at Cal Poly Pomona and I am a Management Human Resources major with a minor in marketing. I am seeking this position because I want to connect all the Business students with ASI so that all our clubs/organizations can receive the proper knowledge and any funding they may need to help their organizations grow and prosper. I also want to help bring together faculty and students to create new opportunities for our business students to grow professionally! I believe my role as the current ASI MCC Senator at Large and E-board member of Inter-hall Council have prepared me for the responsibility and determination this role is going to endure. If granted this position, I look forward to working with the business council to ensure we are doing the best we can for our fellow business students.

Bill Yen headshot

Bill Yen

My name is Bill Yen and I am a first-year majoring in Marketing. I am pursuing this position as a first year, because I when I first stepped foot onto campus, I have had nothing short of amazing experiences that made me proud to attend CPP. In the College of Business Administration. I believe that one of the best things we can do to get involved and make a difference in our lives is to get started as soon as you can. My experiences with leadership and taking on roles to serve the local community has brought me here today, running to serve you, the students. One of my main goals is to communicate with the students of the CBA to effectively identify what the common wants and needs are. Doing so, I hope to collaborate with clubs and organizations in the CBA to deliver resources, opportunities, and experiences that can change our lives. Through my recent initiation into Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed professional business fraternity, I have gained leadership experience and the skills necessary in order to serve as your next ASI Business Senator. My time at Cal Poly Pomona has given me a greater understanding of students’ needs and by developing necessary skills such as public speaking and time management, I feel more than ready to ensure that the voices of all students, regardless of college, regardless of major, and regardless if you are a transfer student or not, are heard and have a seat at the table

College of Education and Integrative Studies

Priscilla Denise Munoz headshot

Priscilla Denise Munoz

Good evening my name is Priscilla Denise Munoz, my major is gender, ethnicity and multicultural studies and I am a senior that is running for college of education and integrative studies senator for 2020-21. I am currently the College of Education and Integrative studies council president and I feel that I am a good candidate because I have leadership skills because I can represent my college and major to better meet the needs of my fellow students that are in my major and college and represent them throughout call poly and make a true difference for them and myself. My goal is to create a club for parents of cal poly and implement with other parents of Cal poly resources that will make a space for us as a community and create a ceis success center with our own mentors.

College of Engineering

Kevin M. Arellano headshot

Kevin M. Arellano

My name is Kevin Arellano, I transferred Fall 2019 as an Electrical Engineering Major and I am running for Engineering Senator. I want to run for this position to amplify the voice of the engineering community on campus. I believe that my experience in Community College where I served as both Math, Science, and Engineering Senator and later as Vice President of Finance for the student government could be of much use to the Student Government here at Cal Poly Pomona. As a transfer student and part of an underrepresented community (LatinX) I believe I would also help bring diversity and a different perspective to the student senate.

Behnam Beglar Hamedani headshot

Behnam Beglar Hamedani

Every student carries a set of skills with a choice on how to use them. The experiences I have had in my engineering career can help better the student experience. My record of accomplishments makes me a unique candidate for this position. I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. At Amirkabir University of Technology, I studied Mechanical Engineering and served as a student body member, maintained a 4.0 GPA, and conducted research in the field of directional acoustics. I have seen multiple engineering programs during my transfer process to the United States. I have noticed that one of the key components to a successful program is an excellent learning environment and that is part of what I am focusing on during my candidacy. Currently I am in my third year of working towards an EMSET degree. During my second year at CPP, I was a Resident Advisor, supervising a building with over 300 S.T.E.M students, majority of which were engineering students. For the past two years, I worked as an Orientation Leader, collaborating with every department and college on campus, helping me learn the ins and outs of our school. As a result of holding these positions I have developed clear communication skills that can assist me in serving as a middleman, advocating student concerns to the faculty in charge. My name is Behnam Hamedani and I am running for Engineering Senator with an exceptional amount of experience that can make positive differences.

Matthew Jacobson headshot

Matthew Jacobson

My name is Matthew Jacobson and I am a third-year civil engineering student running for the position of ASI Engineering Senator. As ASI Engineering Senator, I would like to bridge the connection between the College of Engineering, its students, clubs and organizations with the Associated Students Incorporated (ASI). Currently I serve as the President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter on campus where I have worked to help organize and coordinate events while connecting clubs to overall unifying the department. As the ASI Engineering Senator I want to empower engineering students, faculty and staff to be more engaged with not only academic programs at Cal Poly Pomona, but also extracurriculars and projects. Through ASCE I have seen a severe lack of students being informed or aware of the resources, programs and tools available for them to be successful in their careers. If appointed to this role I would like to work with our Engineering Council and organizations to not only recognize the programs our college excels in, but also increase turnout at events with better advertising. My overall goal as ASI Engineering Senator would be to help students become the best version of themselves and ready for industry prior to graduation.

Araz Mandenlian headshot

Araz Mandenlian

Araz Madenlian, Engineering Senator, Mechanical Engineering, Senior Through my years as an engineering student with a minor in entrepreneurship I believe that resources should be made more easily accessible to students and more interdisciplinary opportunities should be provided. I have worked on projects ranging from starting up a business through the Istartup Program to working with a product through NASA CPP. The school has provided me with so many resources that are often unused, because they are hard to find, leading me to many problems for which I feel I have some simple solutions. I hope to improve efficiency, as well as communication between students and the departments. Being an engineer with a business minor, I often look for more resources to execute my projects, which the business department often provides through cash prizes in competitions, classes, or on and off campus 3d printing, cnc machines, and laser cutters, without charge. I want to provide information on these resources and direct contacts to help students like me bring to life their projects. I hope to also provide a central hub similar to a study room to house posted information on tutoring for specific classes to machine shop training and contacts. I will also encourage teachers to create a group chat for their classes each semester, for last minute questions, sharing of documents, or the ability to communicate with others in the class, as well as virtual videos for classes across all departments through a poll system. Lastly, I believe more direct emails on opportunities within engineering as well as some through business should be sent to engineering students directly. I want to act as the connection between students and faculty and provide the knowledge that students need to maximize their college experience.

Withdrawn From Ballot


I am a first-year, 18 years old, and raised in Carson. My name is Jalen Sazon, and I am running for ASI’s Engineering Senator position. Hopefully, I will prove myself good enough for this position, considering it’s my first year as a Mechanical Engineering student. Honestly, I am running for this position because it’s an excellent start to get my foot in the door to make some real changes in our college lives. To make our lives at CPP much more convenient such as adding more classes so that the whole school isn’t on the waitlist. And making CPP a comfortable place where everybody can be themselves. My previous jobs were Youth Commissioner for Carson, Construction Tradesman, and an Engineering Intern for Pelican Products. As of now, a Postmates Driver. Previously, I was awarded Valedictorian at my high school. I was also part of the varsity team for four years, President of a non-profit organization club, etc. Now I am officially a part of Montecito Hall Council, ASME, and CPP Robotics Club. Coming from the Carson, Compton area, I grew up with diversity as well as living in a household of eight people. I understand entirely working with different people in different settings. I understand working in teams, especially after my internship, which taught me how different people could exchange ideas and form bonds. This is what I want for this CPP team: Success. Success to make our lives at CPP much more considerate and beneficial than any other place

Rob Tinti headshot

Rob Tinti

My name is Rob Tinti and I am running for the position of Engineering Senator. I am a third-year mechanical engineer. I am seeking the position because I would like to represent my fellow classmates on the student government level. I want my engineers to know the clubs and organizations on campus so that we can be more involved and most importantly more hirable. I also want my engineers to be more prepared for the workforce than any other college on campus. I promise to not be an idiot.

Collins College of Hospitality Management

Ian Whalen headshot

Ian Whalen

My name is Ian Whalen, I am a Hospitality Restaurant Management major currently in my junior year at the Collins College of Hospitality, and I will be running for the position of ASI Senator. I am a transfer student that started Cal Poly in fall of 2019. Since then, I have balanced a workload of 15 units per semester spread out between two different college campuses. For the past year I have been involved in the Food and Beverage Professionals club at Collins and the Hospitality Club at Mount San Antonio College. In addition, I also work 25-30 hours weekly to pay for my education. While attending my orientation last fall, one of the speakers explained that being a polytechnic school, students are expected to do more than just go to class and get a degree; learn by doing. I wasn’t fully aware of what I wanted to do until I heard about the ASI senator position. If elected, I will do everything in my power to fight the food injustice that affects our students. By connecting the resources Collins offers such as culinary students, professional chefs, and state of the art kitchens with student resources such as the food pantry, we will educate our peers on healthy, inexpensive, and easy food options. As a student who has attended school full time and worked full time hours, I feel the students of Collins College have an energy and enthusiasm that will benefit our community and I will make that happen.

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Henry Ly headshot

Henry Ly

Hello students of CLASS. My name is Henry Ly (He/Him/His) and I’m running for CLASS Senator. I’m a junior majoring in Music Industry Studies (MIS). My education focus is towards arts administration, music business, and marketing. Participating in the ASI BASE leadership program sparked my interest in serving students across campus. Being an arts student, I want to ensure students that Cal Poly is a campus where the visual and performing arts can be embraced. Being a transfer student, I want to promote a transfer-receptive culture and help transfer students transition into campus life. Cal Poly is a diverse campus with different cultures, communities, and identities. It will be my commitment to learn more about campus cultural life and reach out to voices that need to be heard by ASI. Once again, I’m Henry Ly and your vote for the next CLASS Senator can make a difference.

Derek Sweem headshot

Derek S. Sweem

Greetings, I Derek S. Sweem, am a second-year political science major and I am running for the office of CLASS Senator. Making the most of these four years should be everyone’s main goal. I believe in a bountiful education that ensures that students are career ready, driven and prepared to tackle the issue of tomorrow.

College of Science

Mehak Jain headshot

Mehak Jain

My name is Mehak Jain and I am a first year Computer Science major. I am running for the position of Science Senator. I am seeking this position because I want to assist the science community on campus in every area that they might need facilitation. My qualifications for this position are that I was a part of my high school ASB for four years and really got the chance to develop my leadership skills for this very moment. I took part in a freshman affairs committee which helped integrate new students into high school life and get them settled into their personal areas of interest. Not only that, but I went on to start my own club that fundraised money for a nearby hospital. I have always had a niche for helping others, especially my fellow peers and I want to be able to continue my passion in college. The goals I want to achieve whilst in office include listening to what the science community needs in regards to their success in school. I myself am aware of the rigorous curriculum of being a science major and I aspire to make school life easier and the social aspect more enjoyable for everyone. This is a group of people that will make a tremendous impact in the world one day and I wish to make a positive contribution as they strive for success.

Marc Leon headshot

Marc Leon

Hello everyone, my name is Marc Leon, I am a second-year physics major, and I am running for the position of Science Senator. I am seeking this position to address some areas where improvement can be made within the College of Science. As a first-generation student, I found it difficult to ask for help, did not know where to seek advice, or find a support system to help me with my major. Through the better promotion of opportunities like internships and research on-campus, I hope that more students can gain the experience that is necessary for them to graduate and succeed in their future careers. I plan to increase the networking between faculty and students by making more events that focus on the interaction between these two groups. Another goal of mine is to make the college more welcoming to new students in order to help them feel like they truly belong here. Through my experience as an intern for Project SUCCESS, a program focused on increasing persistence and retention of men of color at Cal Poly Pomona, I have been able to learn about the necessities of students on this campus. By increasing the amount of tutoring, resources, and study areas available to incoming students, we are able to ensure the best student experience here at Cal Poly Pomona.


Greek Council

Hillary Deleon headshot

Hillary Deleon

Hello, fellow Broncos! My name is Hillary Deleon and I am currently a second year at Cal Poly, pursuing a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing Management. I am a member of the fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha, and was previously the Executive Social Chairman in my organization. In this position, I coordinated events with fellow Greek organizations and expanded my connections with Greek life. The Greek community is admirable, as they raise thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations, allow individuals to find a sense of belonging within Cal Poly, and assist their members in creating memorable connections in order to progress their career. My experience as a member of Zeta Tau Alpha has given me an opportunity to grasp how Greek life can improve. I intend to bring all of Greek life together through interactive events that will benefit the community and our beloved campus, thus strengthening the bond between social, ethnic, and professional fraternities and sororities. This would allow these organizations to connect with each other and to be a part of something bigger than their own affiliation. I want our campus to recognize that Greek life is extremely beneficial to those who are involved. We are a group of individuals who have the power to leave a lasting impact on Cal Poly, benefitting both the campus and the community. I hope you give me the opportunity to make my visions for Cal Poly Pomona reality.

Inter-Hall Council

Prabhat Jammalamadaka headshot

Prabhat Jammalamadaka

Hello, my name is Prabhat Jammalamadaka, and the position that I’m running for is Senator-at-Large, Inter-House Council. I’m a Political Science major and a first year at CPP. I am seeking this position because I believe, as a person who is living on Campus, that I can bring people’s opinions and suggestions and help those ideas become core contributors to our decisions regarding policies and events. My qualifications for this position come from various experiences that I’ve had throughout my life: For example, I was Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout Troop and helped run my troop. I became an Eagle Scout, which helped me to improve my leadership skills. Additionally, I was president of ASB at my high school, in which I helped plan events and connect the various groups on campus. I also worked behind the scenes, in my local government by helping draft policy for my city, along with members of my community. With these qualifications and the support of my constituency, my goal is to keep the unity of campus residents intact, even when they are physically separated from one another across the campus. Along with that, I aim to maintain adequate communication and advertising throughout the campus community, so that my constituents are always aware of relevant information. Finally, as Senator-at-Large, my overall plan is to keep all student groups united and to make CPP a second home. I hope for the campus to become involved because they belong.

Multicultural Council

Lizeth Machado headshot

Lizeth Machado

Hello friends! My name is Liz, I am a third-year Communication Major and my motive is #Powertothepeople. I am running for Multi-Cultural Council Senator-At-Large, and I am trying to empower our cultural clubs and organizations to build bridges between all our communities. I believe we can make positive changes happen with passion and determination which is something I definitely carry with me. As your ASI Senator-At-Large, I promise to serve our student body to the best of my ability because we are familia.

Tala Qasqas headshot

Tala Qasqas

To be the Senator-At-Large for the Multi-Cultural Council, one must be able to embrace, understand, and celebrate the different individuals and cultural communities that make up Cal Poly Pomona. My name is Tala Qasqas and I am a first year, Political Science major running for the position of Senator-At-Large for the Multi-Cultural Council. As a first-generation, Middle-Eastern, Muslim student, I am empathetic towards issues that arise amongst individuals of all cultures, communities, and backgrounds. With this position, I plan to better understand your concerns and issues as students of the Multi-Cultural community. Safety and security of students is among my top priority as a student at Cal Poly Pomona. As your Senator, I will resolve issues amongst the Multi-Cultural community to the best of my ability. Being multicultural allows me to view the world in different perspectives and I believe that this is a very important quality in becoming your Senator. I know that this position is not one to be handled lightly which is why I know I am the perfect candidate for the position. I understand the struggles faced and hope to improve the overall environment. I understand the importance of diversity and I value those who do as well. As your Senator, I will do my best to ensure that students of all backgrounds, cultures, and communities are equally represented and able to celebrate their cultures with pride and joy. My name is Tala Qasqas and I hope to become your 2020-2021 Senator-At-Large for the Multi-Cultural Council.

Student Interest Council

Susana Delgadillo headshot

Susana Delgadillo

Hello! My name is Susana Delgadillo and I am a third-year Business Administration student with an emphasis in Management and Human Resources and I am running for your Student Interest Council Senator-at-Large. I am seeking this position to strengthen the relationship between the university and SIC including all the clubs/organizations overseen by this council. Leadership and managing organizations has been a passion of mine rooting from high school student government to now as ASI’s Inter-Hall Council Senator-at-Large. If granted this position, I want everyone to be aware of the wide variety and support all organizations under SIC can provide to students.

Caitlyn Pierce headshot

Caitlyn Pierce

Hi, my name is Caitlyn Pierce and I am the third-year Political Science major. I am running for the Student Interest Senate seat because there are issues that affect the student population that have been neglected by those tasked with looking out for the best interest of students. Issues regarding more affordable transportation options or including underrepresented groups in decisions that dispositionally affect them have not been addressed during my time at Cal Poly Pomona. I am running to give students more options and a larger say in what they want. The campus does not have a very strong feeling of community or Bronco pride. I think it is time to change that by putting on events that resonate with the student population and will create chances to have fun, make friends, and learn. The campus should not feel like a prison for students living here, there should be better options for those who live in the residence halls or suites to experience a sense of community that other campuses have. The students who attend the campus give the campus the reputation that is used in all of the promotional materials, it is time to start treating us with value and give us the resources and opportunities to succeed here and beyond.