ASI Election Results 2019

2,306 ballots were cast in the ASI Elections 2019

New ASI Student Leaders

Rachel Hunter and Pasindu Senaratne
Newly elected ASI Vice President Rachel Hunter and ASI President Pasindu Senaratne

President & Vice President
Pasindu Senaratne & Rachel Hunter
911 votes (-25 votes)*

College of Agriculture Senator
Delilah Orta
100 votes

College of Business Administration Senator
Christie Kuo
252 votes

Collins College of Hospitality Management Senator
Lucy Yu
90 votes

College of Education and Integrative Studies Senator
Christopher Badoyan
84 votes

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences Senator
Alex Ramirez
193 votes

College of Engineering Senator
Augustus Rodriguez
165 votes

College of Environmental Design Senator
Osvaldo Ariscorreta Jr.
121 votes

College of Science Senator
Angel Perez
306 votes

Senator-at-Large: Greek Council
Rocio Antonio
873 votes

Senator-at-Large: Inter-Hall Council
Lizeth Machado
1685 votes

Senator-at-Large: Multi-Cultural Council
Ravina Soma
893 votes

Senator-at-Large: Student Interest Council
Nichole Sugita
1579 votes

ASI By-laws
2096 votes for YES, in favor

*Votes deducted due to election code violations

New ASI Student Leaders 2019
Featured in photo from left to right, back to front: Lizeth Machado, Augustus Rodriguez, Billy Bronco, Lucy Yu, Angel Perez, Christie Kuo, Rocio Antonio, Alex Ramirez, Nichole Sugita, Christopher Badoyan, Osvaldo Ariscorreta Jr., Ravina Soma, Rachel Hunter, and Pasindu Senaratne

Get Involved!

There’s still an opportunity to serve as a Student Government representative. Any student who has a GPA of at least 2.0 GPA or higher, attended one semester at Cal Poly Pomona, having taken and received credit for at least six semester units, and being in good standing with the Office of Judicial Affairs as well as having not exceeded the unit load maximum is encouraged to visit the Student Government office (Bldg. 35-1339) to submit an application.

Position descriptions and applications are available on the Student Government website.

Looking for more info?

For questions or concerns, contact ASI Elections Chair at
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