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Volunteering Information

The Children’s Center welcomes you to visit and volunteer at our facility! The Center provides preschool and child care services to student, faculty, staff and community parents with children 2 years through 5 years of age or until entry into first grade.

The hours to observe/volunteer are between 7:30am-Noon & 2:45-5:15pm

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Reading to the children on a one-on-one basis
  • Going on walks around the campus with the children & staff members
  • Helping to care for the animals in the center
  • Interacting with children in the play yard, water & sand play, climbing, running, outdoor games, etc.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning children’s equipment Being involved in everyday classroom activities
  • Being involved in everyday classroom activities

Volunteering Requirements

  • Complete a Volunteer Application
  • 3 References
  • The following immunization are required:
    1. TB clearance no more than one year old
    2. Measles
    3. Pertussis
    4. Flu Shot (optional)

Student Groups

Student groups in need of volunteer service hours to the community, please contact Shireetha Gethers at (909) 869-2284, or by email at sdgethers@cpp.edu.

Volunteer Application

Please complete and print the Volunteer Application and return to The Children’s Center


Children's center decorating pumpkins

Observation Information

Students who want to complete observation hours at the Children’s Center must complete an Observation Application form and bring a class syllabus or a letter from their professor stating the purpose of the observation. If the student wants to observe more than one day, proof of the following immunizations must be submitted with the application.

  • TB clearance no more than one year old
  • Measles
  • Pertussis
  • Flu Shot (optional)
The hours to observe/volunteer are between 7:30am-Noon & 2:45-5:15pm

Observation Guidelines

  1. At no time should you be alone with a child.
  2. You are not permitted to assist a child while they use the bathroom.
  3. Under no circumstances are you permitted to raise you voice, physically restrain, punish or discipline a child.
  4. When interacting with the children, our policy is to give the child a choice; no directives unless it is an emergency or you are requested by a staff member.
  5. Gossiping or sharing information with others about our children, their families or our staff is not permitted. Confidentiality must be maintained by everyone involved with our families.
  6. Remember that you are under the direction of the teacher or teachers in the classroom. Please observe the teachers, the way they interact and direct and speak with the children. We would like you to emulate them.
  7. Please no food or drinks in the classroom or in the play yard. (Bottled water is okay)

Observation Application

Please complete and print the Observation Application and Observation guidelines forms and return them to The Children’s Center.

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