Lockers & Towels

Row of lockers in the BRIC

Lockers Overview

Day-Use Lockers are offered at no additional cost to BRIC members and guests as storage for belongings during their workout. Members are able to set their own combination (digital or manual – depending on location) and leave their belongings for the day. All Day-Use Lockers will be cleared out at closing daily. Items left overnight in a Day-Use Locker will be sent to campus lost & found, located in the Games Room in the Bronco Student Center.

Locker Rentals are offered at a nominal fee to BRIC members as a longer term storage solution for their belongings. Members can purchase quarterly locker rentals at the Member Services Desk. All Locker Rentals will be cleared out after closing on the date of expiration. Items left in Rental Lockers after expiration will be sent to campus lost & found, located in the Games Room in the Bronco Student Center.

In the locker rooms:
The lockers in the bays (middle rows) are RENTALS
The lockers along the wall of the locker room are DAY-USE

Everywhere else in the BRIC:
All lockers outside of the locker room are DAY-USE

Towels Overview

Workout towels are offered at no additional cost to BRIC members. All members will receive one workout towel card that they can exchange for either a clean workout or pool/shower towel. Members can then exchange their used workout or pool/shower towel for another clean towel or their workout towel card.

Premium Towel Service is offered at a nominal fee for BRIC members. With Premium Towel Service, members can checkout 2 clean pool/shower towel or workout towels at the same time and exchange them for clean ones or their towel card as needed.


Summer 2018 fee: $15 (This is a onetime promo due to the shortened summer. This rate will NOT be pro-rated.)
Semester fee (Fall/Spring): $40 (pro-rated daily) and $25/summer (starting Summer 2019)

No fee for initial towel

Rental Procedure

Please visit the Member Services Desk or Equipment Checkout to pick up your complimentary towel card and towels.

Workout and pool/shower towels can be picked up and returned at the equipment checkout desk.

For those with towel service, shower and pool towels can be checked out and returned at the Equipment Checkout Desk as well.

At the time of renting a locker, a campus recreation staff member will assist the member in opening his or her locker for the first time and setting a combination.

For day-use lockers, simply put your belongings in a day-use locker and set your own 4-digit code.