Equipment Checkout / Rentals

Employees handing off a basketball

Items Available for Checkout


ATC belay device with locking caribiner
Blue rock climbing shoes
Grigri with locking caribiner
Climbing harnesses


Badminton racquet and birdie
Two dodgeballs
Two frisbees
Floor hockey stick, puck and ball
Men's/Women's basketballs
Outdoor soccerball
Raquetball balls, racquet and safety goggles
Tennis racquets
Softball glove and ball
Table tennis paddles and ball


Ab roller
Black dip belt
Regular foam roller and rumble roller
Two gliding discs
Jump rope
PVC pipes
Resistance band
Rogue monster band
Training boxing gloves
Wrist wrap heavy bag gloves
Weightlifting belt


Basketball and football IM Sports jerseys


iphone adapter for cardio equipment
Black hair dryer

Checkout Procedure

At the equipment checkout desk, at the handreader, enter your Bronco ID and scan your hand, then let the Member Services Desk Attendant know what you’d like to checkout.



  1. Equipment must be checked out and returned to the Equipment Checkout Desk. Equipment designated for indoor use may not leave the BRIC.
  2. Equipment can be checked out from opening to 30 minutes prior to closing. Unless an exception is approved prior to checkout, equipment must be returned prior to closing on the check-out date.
  3. Quantity of equipment may be limited to the quantity appropriate for one participant.
  4. Equipment may only be used for its intended purposes.
  5. ASI Campus Recreation is not responsible for any injury or damages that are the result of using checked out equipment.
  6. The individual who checked out equipment is responsible for its return. The individual is liable for the replacement cost of equipment that is not returned.
  7. Individual returning equipment damaged beyond what is expected of normal “wear and tear” as determined by ASI Campus Recreation staff, is liable for the replacement cost of that equipment.

Failure to follow guidelines and policies can result in having equipment checkout privileges revoked and/or access to the BRIC revoked.