Meet the Teams

There are currently 10 Sport Clubs at Cal Poly Pomona. The teams are shown below with the main contact email. If you are interested in joining any of these Sport Clubs, please contact them through email. If you do not get a response back, please email us at and we will do our best to connect you.

Bronco Ascenders

Bronco Ascenders Club
The Bronco Ascenders, Cal Poly Pomona’s rock climbing club, compete in the USA climbing competitions, host practices twice a week, and travel on outdoor rock climbing trips every other weekend. They spend 5 days of spring break climbing and camping at locations such as Red Rocks, Nevada and Bishop, California. Bronco Ascenders is all about creating a climbing community that introduces students to the adventure of climbing, both indoor and outdoor. With Bronco Ascenders, students will develop their climbing ability and gain experience climbing in southern California’s many climbing crags.

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Badminton Club
Cal Poly Pomona’s Badminton Club was established to provide a friendly environment for everyone who enjoys the sport of badminton. Practice takes place every week, and there will be people to teach students how to improve! The badminton club competes in Southern California College Badminton League (SCCBL) and plays friendly games against schools like UCI, UCR, UCLA, and more. Join the Badminton Club no matter your skill level or experience!

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Kendo and Iaido

Kendo and Iaido Club
The Cal Poly Pomona Kendo and Iaido Club competes against other universities such as UCLA, UCB, UCI, UCR, and NYU in the UCLA Yuhihai Intercollegiate Kendo Taikai Tournament every year. Practice is held every Saturday at the BRIC studios. The CPP Kendo and Iaido Club is a great environment for students who are enthusiastic about Kendo and/or Iaido and who would like to learn more about the fun and exciting world of Japanese sword-based martial arts.


Men’s Basketball

Men's Basketball Club
The CPP Men’s Basketball Club competes in the NCBBA Southern Pacific League and participates in the NIRSA Regional Tournament every year. Team practices are held twice a week and are led by a volunteer coach. League games and other tournaments are held most weekends throughout the semester and involve competing against teams such as USC, UCLA, UCI, and CSUN. The CPP Men’s Basketball Club creates an opportunity for basketball enthusiasts to connect with one another and compete against other universities in a friendly, competitive manner.

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Men’s Soccer

CPP Men’s Soccer Club
The Cal Poly Pomona Men’s Soccer Club provides a competitive and structured atmosphere for previously experienced student athletes who excel in the sport of soccer. As part of the West Coast Soccer Association, the club travels to various universities and Cal States along the west coast to participate in league appearances and tournaments and compete for the opportunity to play at the NIRSA National Tournament. The Cal Poly Pomona Soccer Club is a home to competitive soccer players who believe they have the necessary skills and attributes to be a part of a traveling team.


Roller Hockey

CPP Roller Hockey Club
CPP Roller Hockey is a co-ed sport club with two teams in the Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League. The teams compete once a month against other universities from all over California (UCSB, CSUF, UCLA, Berkeley, etc.) and Arizona (ASU, NAU, etc.). As of the 2018-19 season, the Division III team is ranked #2 in the nation for D III, and boasts both the top goaltender and top scorer in Division III nationwide. The Roller Hockey Club holds practices weekly at Cal Street Hockey in West Covina, typically on Thursday evenings at 10:30 p.m. This club is full of dedicated scholar-athletes, and new members are encouraged to join, no matter their level of experience! For more information, check out @cpp_hockey on Instagram.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Club
The Cal Poly Pomona Ultimate Frisbee Club provides a competitive and structured atmosphere for previously experienced student athletes who excel in the sport of ultimate. As part of USA Ultimate, the club travels to various universities throughout northern and southern California such as UCLA, Stanford, USC, Sonoma State, and UC Santa Barbara to participate in sanctioned tournaments. The club competes for the opportunity to represent the Southwest Region at the USAU National Tournament at the Division I level. The Ultimate Frisbee Club serves for the betterment of Cal Poly Pomona, and is home to competitive ultimate players who enjoy traveling, have the necessary skills, and express the true embodiment of the spirit of the game.



Women's Volleyball Sport Club team
The Cal Poly Pomona Women and Men’s Volleyball Club competes in the Southern California Collegiate Volleyball League. Practice is hosted three times a week, two hours per practice, and tournaments will be every other weekend from the beginning of February to the end of March with a preseason tournament in November and the possibility of Nationals in April. The Volleyball club provides a place where athletes who are passionate about volleyball can come to compete and have fun in a positive environment.

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Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball Club
The Cal Poly Pomona Women’s Basketball Club travels and competes against other universities including CSUN, Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, UCI, and UOP. In addition to individual games, the club also participates in the NIRSA Regional Tournament and the CSUN Turkey Jam every year. Practices are held twice a week during the weekdays at the BRIC courts. The Cal Poly Pomona Women’s Basketball Club provides a welcoming and fun environment for students passionate about basketball and students who want to play competitively.

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Women’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer Club

The Cal Poly Pomona Women’s Club Soccer Team is part of NIRSA Region VI: West Coast Soccer Association – Southern California Division, which also includes UC Riverside, Loyola Marymount University, CSU Fullerton,

and Azusa Pacific University. During fall Semester, the club plays in this division, and during the spring, they play in the open season as well as in tournaments such as the UCSD Tournament and the UCLA’s Bruin Classic. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to help subsidize costs to make sure no one is barred from playing due to purely monetary considerations.

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