Two student playing badminton

Tournaments are typically offered on Friday afternoons in a 1-day, single-elimination format. Most tournaments feature non-traditional sports, such as Quidditch, Racquetball, Capture the Flag, and the March Madness Bracket Challenge. Tournaments are FREE for all BRIC Members.

Tournaments & Events


Event Location Divisions Event Date
Free Agent Mixer BRIC Poolside Lounge Come and find a team! Thursday, January 11 at 6PM
Intramural Sports Opening Day BRIC Poolside Lounge Join us for free food and team photos! Thursday, January 18 at 6PM
Table Tennis Tournament BRIC Courts Singles Friday, January 26 at 1PM
Learn to Play Quidditch Bronco Commons Drop-in Thursday, February 1 at 12PM
Swim Meet BRIC Pool Individual Friday, February 9 at 1PM
March Madness Bracket Challenge Online Individual Submit your picks by Wednesday, March 14