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What are Intramural (IM) Sports?

The Intramural Sports program strives to provide opportunities for the university community to participate in various sports through leagues and tournaments in a dynamic, fun and recreational environment.

Who is eligible to participate in IM Sports?

All assessed members of the BRIC are all able to participate in Intramural Sports.

How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?

  1. Purchase $20 All Access Pass at the BRIC or at recportal.cpp.edu
  2. Log in to IMLeagues account on recportal.cpp.edu
  3. Pick your sport and division
  4. On the CPP IMLeagues homepage, you can see all of the scheduled timeslots. You can:
    1. Pick a timeslot and create a team
    2. Join an existing team
    3. Sign up as a free agent for teams that need more players

How much does it cost to play Intramurals?

The IM Sports All Access Pass is $20 for all BRIC member. This pass covers a participant for the entire season, no matter how many teams that participant decides to play on.

Can I participate if I don’t have a team?

If you do not have a team and don’t want to create your own, then you can sign up as a free agent. Free agents can request to join a team on IMLeagues or attend Intramural Sports Opening Day. Intramural Sports Opening Day is an opportunity to meet teams looking for more players or meet others looking to create a team together. If you sign up as a free agent, it is highly recommended that you actively seek out teams to join through IMLeagues or Intramural Sports Opening Day. You can also email imsports@cpp.edu for assistance finding a team.

How many teams can I play with?

You may play with one gender specific league and one Co-Rec league per sport. For example, if there are 3 sports for a season, a participant could participate in 6 leagues in one season.

Where can I find my team’s schedule?

You can find your team’s schedule on IM Leagues under your home page.

What is the difference between a default and a forfeit?

A default occurs when a team captain notifies the Intramural Sports Office that their team will not be able to make a scheduled game. Teams that provide notice prior to 10am of game day will receive a 3.0 sportsmanship. Teams that provide notice between 10am and 3pm will receive a 2.0 sportsmanship rating. Teams that provide notice after 3pm but at least an hour before game time will receive a 1.0 sportsmanship rating. In addition, teams that default will receive a loss by the forfeit score found in the rules of each individual sport.

A forfeit occurs when a team does not have enough members present to start the game at game time. If at least on member of a team is present the opposing team may decide to wait for the other team to show up. If the time discussed in the rules has passed before the minimum number of players arrives, the game will be forfeited. By forfeiting the game, the team will receive a 0 sportsmanship rating, as well as, lose by the forfeit score found in the rules of each individual sport.

I was ejected from an IM game, what should I do?

At the time of the ejection, the Assistant Supervisor on duty should notify you that you have been suspended from all Intramural Sports activities, including spectating. The following day you will receive an email explaining the next steps of the ejection process. Finally, in order to be considered eligible you will need to meet with the Intramural Sports Coordinator.

What if I’m interested in a sport that isn’t currently offered?

If a sport you are interested is not currently offered, please contact us at imsports@cpp.edu, to submit your suggestions.

What is a protest and what situations can be protested?

A protest is an attempt by a player to challenge an interpretation of the rules by an official. At the time the play in question occurred, the team captain will need to tell the official that he or she would like to protest the last play. All of the information and paperwork will be filled out prior to resuming play. The game will then continue with the interpretation of the rules determined by the official. The Intramural Sports office will then review the situation. If it is determined that the call was incorrect the game will be replayed from the point in which the protest was filed.

Only interpretations of the rules and player eligibility may be protested. A player may not protest a judgment call by an official. An example of a judgment call would be pass interference in flag football or traveling in basketball. However, if pass interference or traveling is called and the penalty is improperly enforced, that may be protested.

How does a team make it to playoffs? How is sportsmanship involved in the process?

Teams become eligible for playoffs based upon their record and sportsmanship ratings. Depending on how many teams are playing in the sport and how many teams are in each specific league, the Intramural Sports Office will determine how many teams will be in the bracket. In determining rankings, Record will be used first, then point differential, and finally head to head, if applicable.

Each team must maintain at least a 3.0 in sportsmanship in order to be eligible for playoffs, and maintain a 3.0 throughout the playoffs. The sportsmanship rating is given to each team after the game by the officials on a scale from 0-4 with 0 being the worst and 4 being the best. Sportsmanship does not determine ranking in playoffs, simply if a team will be eligible to go to playoffs or not.