Want to play a sport and have some fun? You can create an Intramural Sports team or join a team and play games each week. Looking for a team? Email imsports@cpp.edu or attend the Free Agent Mixer and we’ll find you a team.

Create or Join a Team

  1. Purchase $15 All Access Pass at the BRIC or recportal.cpp.edu
  2. Log in to IMLeagues account here
  3. Pick your sport and division
  4. On the CPP IMLeagues homepage, you can see all of the scheduled timeslots. You can:
    • Pick a timeslot and create a team
    • Join an existing team
    • Sign up as a free agent for teams that need more players

Team Deadline

The deadline to create teams is the Thursday of Week 3 of each quarter. Games start during Week 4. Teams can continue to add new players during the regular season. Participants must play in 2 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.

Free Agents

If you do not have a team and don’t want to create your own, then you can sign up as a free agent. Free agents can request to join a team on IMLeagues or attend the quarterly Free Agent Mixer. The Free Agent Mixer is an opportunity to meet teams looking for more players or meet others looking to create a team together. If you sign up as a free agent, it is highly recommended that you actively seek out teams to join through IMLeagues or the Free Agent Mixer event. You can also email imsports@cpp.edu for assistance finding a team.

Sports Offered

Registration is open for the sports listed below! Click on a sport and you’ll be directed to IMLeagues.

These sports are offered throughout the school year.

Fall Sports

  • Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • 3v3 Basketball

Winter Sports

  • Indoor Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Dodgeball

Spring Sports

  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball


Residential: This league is for students living on campus in a residence hall or suite.

Recreational: This league is for teams trying to enjoy Intramural Sports and to have fun; winning is secondary. First-time participants or people looking mainly to meet friends are usually better suited to play in the recreational league.

Competitive: This league is for teams whose primary objective is to win games. Players in this league generally have played high school varsity sports and remain active in that sport and their teams may even hold practices.

Season Format

The regular season is 5 weeks and teams are typically scheduled for 1 game per week. Teams with a winning record or in the top half of the division (eg. Men’s Recreational, Women’s) will advance to playoffs.


Spectators are welcome to attend Intramural Sports games. To view the game schedule, visit imleagues.com/cpp, click on the division (eg. Co-Rec, Men’s Recreational) and team name to view the schedule.

For Intramural Sports games inside the BRIC, non-BRIC members can check in with Member Services at the Front Desk to receive a spectator wristband. Minors are allowed as spectators in the BRIC during the final games of the season.

Job Opportunities

Intramural Sports hires Officials for Basketball, Flag Football, Softball, Soccer, and Volleyball.

Applications are accepted throughout the school year and are reviewed during hiring periods at the end and beginning of each quarter. Apply now at asi.cpp.edu/employment-opportunities/

Contact Intramural Sports

(909) 869-2109