Personal Training

Personal Trainer Assessing a student

Why Personal Training?

It’s time you start seeing results! Our nationally certified personal trainers will work to provide highly individualized exercise programs based on your fitness goals. Prepare to be educated, motivated, and inspired. Bring a friend and train together with our buddy training program. Sessions are 55 minutes long and geared toward your fitness level. Packages are available for purchase. The 3 session package includes a basic fitness assessment during the first training session. The 5 and 10 session packages include a comprehensive fitness assessment in addition to the 5 and 10 training sessions, respectively. Members must purchase all sessions and pay in full at the time of registration in order to receive package savings.

Packages and Prices

1 on 1 Training

Package Members Non-Members
Comprehensive Assessment Only $20.00 $30.00
3 Sessions + Basic Assessment $85.00 $115.00
5 Sessions + Comprehensive Assessment $130.00 $190.00
10 Sessions + Comprehensive Assessment $220.00 $330.00

Buddy Training*

Plan Members Non-Members
5 Sessions + Comprehensive Assessment $170.00 $290.00
10 Sessions + Comprehensive Assessment $285.00 $505.00

* A maximum of 2 clients are permitted per session.
* Non-Member pricing available. Call 909-979-5746 or email for details!

Fitness Assessments

Gain a better understanding of your current fitness levels with baseline fitness testing. The fitness assessment evaluates body mass index, cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. Fitness assessments are a great tool for measuring the effectiveness of an exercise program and track results.
Basic Assessment: The 3 session package will include this assessment in the first session. This will consist of anthropometrics which include circumference measurements, height, weight, blood pressure, overhead squat assessment and YMCA 3 minute step test. Afterwards there will be a brief goal setting session between you and your trainer.
Comprehensive Assessment: The 5 session package includes this assessment along with 5 training sessions and the 10 session package includes this assessment along with 10 training sessions. This will include everything in the basic assessment. Additionally, you will receive a skinfold testing for body composition, push-pull, strength, and flexibility assessments.

Getting Started

Please contact for more information regarding virtual personal training and consultation services.

Fitness Consultations

Personal Trainer giving a student fitness consultations

BroncoFIT Consultation

This is a 1-on-1 consultation with a fitness staff member to begin or continue your fitness journey. Learn about fitness programs, equipment, set goals and walk away with a few new tools in your fitness arsenal. Registration is appointment based.