Pool Equipment

Want to challenge and refine your swimming skills?

-Swim Equipment (Kickboards, Pull Buoys, Fins, Swim Paddles…etc ) during open swim is available to all students.

-Pool toys are restricted to those that are provided or authorized by ASI Campus Recreation for original intention.

-Equipment should be returned to the proper storage location following use.

-Equipment must be used for the manufactured intended purpose only. Improper or negligent use of equipment is prohibited.

Swim Fins

Three pairs of various color swim fins

Swim Paddles

Three pairs of various color swim paddles

Aqua Jogger Belts

Aqua Jogger Belts

Aquatic Weights

two sets of aquatic weights

Water Polo Balls

Water polo ball at the BRIC pool

Aquatic Resistance Bands

three aquatic resistance bands

Pool Inner Tubes

two pool inner tubes

Swim Kick Boards

three swim kick boards

Pull Buoys

Four pull buoys