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How Challenging Are Our Offerings?

* Indicates a beginner level offering. All interested in the topic welcome to join!

** Indicates an intermediate level offering. Open to newcomers eager to learn and those with prior activity experience and/or skills.

*** Indicates an offering that involves extended time in a backcountry setting and/or skills that pose an advanced challenge and demand

AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Course**


This course addresses the basic technical skills necessary to manage an instructional program at a climbing facility. The course length is a minimum of 20 hours of instruction, skills demonstration, and evaluation, run over 2.5 days. After successful completion of this course, you will be certified for three years as a Climbing Wall Instructor.



Dates: Fri. 2/22, Sat. 2/23, Sun. 2/24



Bronco Peak



Members $120, Non-Members $300
Sign up at Member Services at the BRIC or online at recportal.cpp.edu