Semester Eligibility:

  1. Students currently enrolled in classes
  2. Faculty and Staff at Cal Poly Pomona
  3. Students who graduated or were enrolled in Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 (email for information on redeeming alumni credits).

CPP Student

Membership Description Fall/Spring Semester Summer Semester
Student (Assessed)
CPP Student enrolled through regular session (and incurs the full BSC Fee included in semester registration fees) No charge as long as enrolled No charge as long as enrolled
Non Fee Student (Non-Assessed) CPP student enrolled through regular or special session (Open University and/or other College of Extended University) but not subject to full BSC fee $241 $161 at pro-rated fee
Continuing Student CPP student who is on academic break (not over two consecutive quarters), approved leave of absence or is enrolled in the upcoming semester $241 $161 at pro-rated fee

CPP Faculty/Staff

Monthly payroll deduction (eligible to state employees only): $54/month

Membership Description Fall/Spring Semester Summer Semester
CPP Faculty/Staff professional staff employed by Cal Poly Pomona $241 $161 at pro-rated fee
CPP Foundation Faculty/Staff professional staff employed by CPP Foundation $241 $161 at pro-rated fee
Retired Faculty/Staff professional staff who were employed with Cal Poly Pomona $241 $161 at pro-rated fee


Membership Description Fall/Spring Semester Summer Semester
an individual who has completed a degree program at CPP $241 $161 at pro-rated fee
Sponsored an individual sponsored by a current member, at the discretion of ASI. Sponsor must be present at time of purchase and is responsible for the actions of individuals in this category. $241 $161 at pro-rated fee
Affiliate an individual who is affiliated with the academic mission of CPP $241 $161 at pro-rated fee

Prices increased annually based on Higher Education Price Index (HEPI).

Membership policies/guidelines


The Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) is managed by Associated Students Incorporated’s (ASI) Campus Recreation Department. The BRIC is not a public facility. An affiliation with California Polytechnic University, Pomona (CPP) is required to be eligible for a membership or guest pass.

Proof of affiliation and/or identification may be required to gain access to the BRIC.


All eligible BRIC members must agree to waiver and policies documents prior to gaining access to the BRIC.


Refunds are generally not given for memberships. Exceptions/special circumstances may be approved on a case by case basis by the Director of Recreation or Designee. Approved exceptions/special circumstances are subject to prorating as well as processing fees.


Facility users must obey all policies and posted guidelines as well as comply with decisions made by BRIC staff.

Personal Image Release

At various times Cal Poly Pomona/Campus Recreation/Associated Students, Inc. officials will be taking digital images, photographs, and/or video of patrons for educational, promotional, and informational purposes for use in department related printed material, website, and social media. No identifying information will accompany the likeness or images used without permission of individual(s).

Refusal Right

Campus Recreation has the right to refuse membership to any member or individual who has violated any Cal Poly Pomona, Associated Students, Inc., or Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex codes of conduct, policies, guidelines, or is not in good standing with the University for any reason.