BRIC Grills

Three grills at the BRIC pool deck

Disclaimer: We will not be allowing the grills to be used or rented during the Summer of Fall Semester. Check back soon for when rentals will be available to use.

Grill Orientation Quiz

1. BRIC Grills can be used one of two ways:

  1. With a BRIC reservation/rental (see Reservation and Rental Request)
  2. Open grill times (more info coming soon!)

2. For either case, make sure to complete the Grill Orientation Quiz linked above.
3. For reservations/rentals we will need a copy of a food handler’s permit for anyone that will be grilling. Please email a copy to This is needed before your reservation/rental can be confirmed.
4. For open grill times, anyone that will be grilling will need to bring a copy of their food handler’s permit with them.
5. Some CA Food Handlers certification agencies are listed below:

  1. eFoodHandlers
  2. ServSafe
  3. eFoodCard