Three students using pilates reformer bars

  1. Studio equipment is for use during scheduled classes and must remain in the group fitness studio.
  2. Individuals are prohibited from:
    1. Using tape or other marking materials on walls, doors or floor surfaces unless approved by ASI Campus Recreation staff
    2. Touching or leaning on the mirrors
    3. Spitting anywhere except in designate trash receptacles
  3. Full contact training (including, but not limited to, wrestling, grappling and Muy Thai) outside of supervised instructional clinics or authorized sport club practices
  4. Only authorized and trained ASI Campus Recreation staff are permitted to operate audio equipment and unlock equipment storage.
  5. The studios are available for open recreation usage during designated times.
  6. Monopolization of a studio during open recreation usage, as determined by ASI Campus Recreation staff, is not permitted. Groups of four or more must secure an advanced reservation.
  7. Participants must supply personal hand wraps when using boxing gloves and protective hand gear is required when using the heavy bag.

Studio Listings

Multi-Purpose Studios

Two multi-purpose studios offer a variety of group fitness classes such as Zumba, Body Sculpt, and Trim N Tone. These studios offer mirrored walls and hardwood flooring. The multi-purpose studios are available for individual use when a class or clinic is not scheduled.

Spin Studio

This studio features state-of-the-art Star Trac spin bikes and is dedicated to creating a unique indoor cycling experience.

MMA Studio

This specialized studio is equipped with TRX® and boxing equipment and is available for use when a class or clinic is not scheduled. Hand wraps and protective hand gear is required for any bag work.

Mind/Body Studio

This unique studio offers a peaceful atmosphere for yoga and Pilates group training.