Cardio & Strength Equipment

guy lifting free weights in the BRIC

100+ pieces of cardio equipment

  1. Treadmills
  2. Elliptical
  3. Arc trainers
  4. Spin Bikes
  5. Recumbent bikes
  6. AMTs
  7. Arc Trainers
  8. Lateral trainers
  9. Tread climbers
  10. Stair masters
  11. Etc.


Strength training for beginners and advanced lifters

  1. Selectorized equipment designed for beginners, with simple instructions on the equipment
  2. Plate loaded and free weights for those who have experience with proper lifting technique and form
    1. Including:
      1. Benches
      2. Squat racks
      3. Olympic platforms


Specialty Equipment

  1. SYNRGY 360 (Functional Circuit training)
  2. Sports performance/MMA room
    1. Designed with functional equipment for any level of training


Healthy Start Orientation

  1. Offered for those who have little to no experience with fitness equipment
    1. Quarter Long Programs


Personal Training

  1. More information on Personal Training here.