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Bronco Peak

· May we please have access to fall mats outside of the rockwall?

[10/27/15] We are looking at implementing an equipment rental program so we are glad to hear that this is something that would interest you. More details to come at a later date…

· Madison at the rock climbing was awesome. First time there, she clearly explained the rules and expectations. Will be returning to climb, definitely.

[2/9/2017] We are glad you had a great experience at the Bronco Peak! We’ll pass this feedback along..

· Fitness for Climbers is a great class but a clinic is a bad idea. I’m sick, miss class, and paid for class ahead of time. No good! I would prefer to pay on a session by session basis

[04/28/17] Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for better ways to improve our programming for the participants.

· Open the climbing wall earlier so we can climb before classes

[10/27/15] Thank you for your feedback. We are continuing to evaluate the operating hours for Bronco Peak to best serve our members. This year, we increased our hours an additional 15 hours per week. Now, in addition to being the tallest wall, Bronco Peak is also open the most hours per week of any wall in the CSU system.

· Allow for the use of the Boulder if attendants are not here. It’s 9am, I am certified to climb, I did not want to wait 2 hours if I’m only using the Boulder. The front desk and equipment desk should suffice for medical attention.

[9/08/15] Bouldering has been shown to be highest risk/most injury prone activity indoor rock climbing. Auto-belays are catching up as the second most. In 2011, Boulder, Colorado reported 25 injuries in their indoor facilities, 22 of them being bouldering injuries, 2 lead climbing and 1 top rope. Preventative care is paramount to risk management – more important than efficiently responding to injuries. At the Bronco Peak prevention is facilitated in part by climber orientation, assessment and wall rules; but supervision by trained climbing wall attendants (Adventures Attendants) is perhaps our most important resource for injury prevention. We have significantly expanded Bronco Peak hours for the coming fall quarter; being open 60 hours a week establishes the BRIC as the facility with the most open climb hours in the 23 CSU’s. This doesn’t provide open-bouldering hours at all times of the day, but hopefully it shows everyone that we are listening to the want/need for more climbing hours.

· The rock wall needs to stop drilling every night. Too noisy!

We reset the routes on Bronco Peak based on participant demand, programming needs, or to simply keep things fresh and new for climbers! We try our best to drill during the best opportunity.

Building Improvements/ Repairs

·In addition to the studio classes online, I would like to suggest that the schedules be posted on the computer screens as I believe it would better inform us on class times while also saving paper.

[1/29/18] The daily schedules are on the screens outside of each studio. Also, be on the lookout for a large poster near Equipment Checkout that features the weekly schedule. We suggest to snap a picture so you can reference it at any time!

·I run intervals on the track upstairs which is roughly 300m. I was wondering if it would be possible to mark the track with some kind of reflective tape on the ground. It would make the intervals easier to run instead of me placing a rough estimate in my head.

[12/19/17] This is a great suggestion. We will look into the possibility of making something like this happen.

·Bring back other live calendar new one sucks

[12/19/17] Give it a try! Our new system allows us to sync the live calendar, studio door displays and reservations. The system allows us to quickly update the calendar on our end so it’s available for members to see on all platforms faster than before. It’s quite efficient!

·Put the basketball court down instead of badminton and table tennis when nobody is playing them.

[11/8/17] We have designated times for activities to ensure all of our members have time to recharge and enjoy themselves. We will continue to track the usage of the activities and re-evaluate as needed.

· A locker to charge phones while you work out. Please!

[11/8/17] Good news! We are currently looking into charging stations.

Equipment Checkout

· Please get ankle weights for checkout. At least 2 pairs.

[10/25/19] Thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking at more items we can add to our checkout system. Our team will look into ankle weights.

· The BRIC should get heavier kettlebells and the rubber resistance bands.

[01/11/16] We just purchased more kettlebells and put them on the 2nd floor and in the MMA studio. We will continue to evaluate member needs. Rubber resistance bands can be checked out at Equipment Checkout.

· More hair dryers.

[01/11/16] Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll look over checkout history of the hair dryers we have and will purchase more accordingly.

· How often do you clean the towel cards?

[10/27/15] Great idea! We’re going to implement a cleaning now.

· Get more equipment that we can check out. Ex. Dip belts, wrist straps, etc.

[10/01/15] Thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking at more items we can add to our checkout system. We have some new items coming very soon, including rumble rollers, weight lifting belts, and dip belts. We’ll look into wrist straps.

· Swim goggles at equipment checkout!

[10/01/15] Unfortunately due to sanitary reasons we will not be adding goggles to our equipment checkout inventory. We do have inexpensive swim goggles available for purchase at our pro shop.

· More volleyball balls. We need new ones please!

If you find any equipment to be un useable, feel free to reach out to our staff at Equipment Checkout to assist. We will take a look and ensure all of our balls and equipment meet our standards and replace them as needed.

· Please buy more badminton rackets

Good news: We recently purchased new badminton rackets! You can find them at Equipment Checkout.

Fitness Equipment

· A hip thrust machine that you can add weight to would be cool. I see a lot of people doing it with a barbell and it probably hurts a lot.

[10/25/19] Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve the member experience and have plans to add a hip thrust machine in the future. Stay tuned!

· Stackable wood boxes for the platforms would be great. Stacking the plates is quite an inconvenience.

[10/25/19] Good news: We recently added these to the platform area. Come check them out!

· A better sitting calves machine.

[10/25/19] Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve the member experience and will have our team look into this.

· Allow open toe deadlift. The weight can’t roll onto anyone’s toes while deadlifting since there is a bar in front of the legs and attached to the bar is the two “shields”. It is more dangerous to deadlift with improper form.

[10/25/19] Thank you for the suggestion. As we are not a powerlifting gym, we do not allow any sort of open-toe activity. We place emphasis on our members using the safest procedures possible.

· Deadlift thingy where you step inside it.

[05/19/16] Please provide more information and when we are looking at our purchasing schedule, we can look into this for you.

· It’d be nice to have a way to measure body fat here.

[3/9/2017] We offer Fitness Assessments for $15 where you can evaluate body mass index plus cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. It is a great option to measure the effectiveness of your exercise program and track results.

· More machines to work out abs if possible.

[05/19/16] When looking to purchase equipment for next year, we can definitely look into more ab machines. Thanks for the suggestion!

· More power racks and more platforms. Thank you

[05/19/16] We added an additional platform and power rack this year. Our focus will be to diversify our equipment to meet the needs of all members. Don’t forget to take your platform and chalk orientation!

· Please have more mats and step up boxes please! Also some kind of room to use on the floor (ab workouts)

[05/19/16] We can look into purchasing more mats to place throughout the facility. We currently have the mats on the 2nd and 3rd floor. We can also look at purchasing more boxes as well. Did you know that we have more boxes in Studio B along with some other functional fitness equipment? Check it out!

· It’s be nice to have a military press rack and a toe press machine upstairs. Also another water fountain on the third floor would be really convenient.

[05/19/16] We are always evaluating what equipment we have and what our members want. Thanks for the suggestions! As for the water fountain, we unfortunately don’t have the capability to put in an additional water fountain on the strength side of the floor because of how the plumbing is in the building.

· It would be cool/beneficial if sand bags from studio B were available at Equipment Checkout, as not many use them in studio B. It would be nice to run with them.

[[03/28/16] Thanks for the recommendation. At this time, we aren’t looking to do something like this but we encourage you to join our Junkyard training so you can run with sand bags.

· 105 lb dumbbells. Military press rack and 105 dumbbells. Calisthenics event or class and 105 lb dumbbells.

[[03/28/16] Thanks for the suggestions. We will pass this on to our fitness team to see what they have planned.

· Triceps Extension machine please (:

[01/25/16] Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely look into this and see what we can do.

· I am very happy about the new platform and power rack.

[01/25/16] We are very happy that you are happy!

· Thank you for the extra squat rack and the extra deadlift platform <3

[01/25/16] You are very welcome!

· The BRIC gym should really have a seated calf-extension machine. Please get one for us members, as this workout is nearly impossible to substitute. PLEASE! Any response would be greatly appreciated.
· Seated calf raise machine!

[01/11/16] We have a standing calf machine located in the selectorized strength area on the third floor. We will consider a seated machine in the future.

· Have all weights in order from pounds.
·Should label the dumbbells so they go back to the proper spot.

[01/11/16] We have addressed this matter with our staff with the intention to help educate other patrons to keep equipment organized by weight. Additionally, we are working on signage to help with this matter.

· Please supply more cable apparatuses, such as more ropes, etc.

[01/11/16] We will take this into consideration for future purchase of accessories.

· We have space but not enough weight. Another two setups of bench and squat rack would be great.

[01/11/16]We have recently added new equipment including a squat rack and platform and we will continue to look at adding additional equipment.

· Another squat rack and bench press bench please!

[11/05/15] We just ordered a Max Rack and hope this fits your request. We will continue to look at our space and see if we can add some additional benches.

· The BRIC needs more bench press and dumbbell areas. They are ALWAYS full!

[11/05/15] We will continue to evaluate our space and equipment and look at possibly adding some additional benches. We ordered more dumbbells and they should be out on the floor soon.

· Replace some machines with power racks. Add more bench presses

[11/05/15] We just ordered a Max Rack and hope this fits your request. We will continue to look at our space and see if we can add some additional benches.

· Get an EZ bar

[11/05/15] We can definitely look into purchasing this type of bar. We’ll talk to our fitness team regarding this piece of equipment.

· Smith machine

[11/05/15] We also think this is a nice piece of equipment. We have ordered another Max Rack and we hope this will fit your needs.

· Get more squat racks and real weights for olympic lifting

[10/27/15] We will be getting an additional power rack for the 3rd floor and we hope this fulfills your request. The real weights for olympic lifting are the bumper plates which we currently have and we just got additional ones. If you are inquiring about something else let us know.

· Get more grips for the cable machines

[10/27/15] We can do this! Please provide use more detail on what you want and we’ll look into this

· T-Bar Row – fits in corner and add barbell if needed. Very space efficient too!

[10/15/15] Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into this as we evaluate the needs for additional equipment. We agree, it’s a great piece of equipment!

· Less cardio and more machines!

[10/15/15] Currently we added a mixture of cardio and in the upcoming weeks will be adding additional strength equipment. We would love to hear what specific machines you would like so we can continue to evaluate the member’s needs.

· Please, please, PLEASE add stickers to the dumbbell rack with weight amount so that dumbbells are easy to locate, return, and quick to be aware if they are available or already in use.

[10/15/15] Great suggestion! We will be adding these – look for them in the near future.

· Get an ab crunch machine for the third floor!

[10/15/15] There is a fantastic ab crunch on the 3rd floor. It’s on the strength side of the 3rd floor. Just ask an Operations Attendant and they will point it out to you.

· During the school year it is nearly impossible to find an open bench press.

[10/01/15] We apologize that it’s been difficult to find an open bench. We have added some additional benches at the end of last year and encourage you to work in with others when they are using the benches. As always, we will continue to collect feedback and evaluate the member needs.

· I love the gym but you really need more benches and more stair climbers

[8/25/15] We recently added new benches in the free-weight area! In regards to stair climbers, we have a few different varieties – some are near the east windows on the 3rd floor and the other ones are near the racquetball courts.

· Get heavier dumbells (120lbs + more)

[8/25/15] A majority of our users are utilizing lower weights and we currently don’t have any plans to purchase heavier weights. As always we will be open to feedback and will continue to monitor these requests.

· There’s too much cardio equipment, not enough resistance training equipment. Why so many treadmills if there’s a track?

[8/25/15] The equipment that tends to fill during peak hours is the cardio equipment that’s why we initially started with more, however we are progressively expanding our resistance training equipment.

· Get more free weights

[8/25/15] We have recently purchased more pairs of free weights and will be added to the rest of its family on the 2nd and 3rd floor soon.

· More stair steppers or ones that don’t break weekly

Thank you for the feedback. This is something we have looked into and now have added new stair steppers. Come check them out!

· Get chains for the bench press and the squat rack. Large heavy chains to aid in fine motor muscle development

Thank you for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve the member experience and will definitely look into this.

· Get like the old plastic clip-ons to secure the weight on the bars. The ones available right now are very stiff. (Ex: squat bar)

Thank you for the insight. Due to the high use of equipment, plastic clips have a higher tendency to break or snap, which is a safety concern. If you need assistance with the clips, feel free to ask anyone wearing a green shirt!


· Sell protein, pre workout, and protein bars.

[01/11/16] Foundation is the sole provider of food items on campus. I will pass your suggestion on to Jamba Juice. Thanks!

· Please bring Snickers bars back to the vending machine!

[10/01/15] We are trying to provide alternative/healthier snacks in the BRIC vending machine. Snickers bars are available in all three vending machines located in the BSC (1st floor Center Court by BofA ATM; 1st floor Solaris Lounge corridor; 2nd floor lobby by Financial Services). If Snickers is what you are craving, we encourage you to visit the BSC. The BSC’s current hours of operation are available online on the Bronco Student Center homepage.

· You should have a healthy food option

[9/08/15] Check out the menu at Jamba Juice! Energy bowls, whole fruit & veggie smoothies, organic steel-cut oatmeal and breakfast wraps are some of our favorites. We are also working with the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation to provide healthier snack options in the vending machines located in the first floor lounge by the Studios.

· Stop closing Jamba Juice

[8/25/15] (From Cal Poly Pomona Foundation) Due to lack of customer flow we have had to reduce hours of operation for the Summer. In the Fall, we will be able to extend our hours. More details coming soon.

Group Fitness/ Studios

· Maura’s mat pilates and mat pilates with equipment is amazing. She is a terrific teacher with helpful visual cues, encouraging comments and high energy levels. I look forward to her class and am never disappointed. We are very lucky to have her.

[10/25/19] Thank you for the feedback! We love her too. We will pass along your kind words to Maura and the Fitness team.

· Fix the uncertainty w/ registering for aquatic group fitness classes.

[12/19/17] For your convenience, you can head straight to the pool deck to check in for aquatics group fitness classes.

· TRX with Erica M-T pls (:

We are glad you love this class. We do too! Scheduling is done based on a variety of factors including but not limited to instructor and studio availability, class averages, participant demand, and other programming needs.

· Offer more time options for Barra and Pilates both morning and afternoon-night times!

We are glad you love this class. We do too! Scheduling is done based on a variety of factors including but not limited to instructor and studio availability, class averages, participant demand, and other programming needs.

· Pilates 11:50 MWF with Maura next semester would be awesome and convenient. She’s great! T/TH Pilates at 10 would be perfect as it is this semester for next semester!

We are glad you love this class. We do too! Scheduling is done based on a variety of factors including but not limited to instructor and studio availability, class averages, participant demand, and other programming needs.


· You guys should make volleysoccer tournaments

[1/29/18] We will pass along the suggestion to Intramurals. Contact if you would like to share any other tournament ideas or details about volleysoccer.

· You should consider having ping pong intramurals, because it is actually a sport that is played worldwide and is in the Olympics. Plus we have the tables for it.

[05/19/16] Great suggestion! We agree that a Table Tennis Tournament would be a positive addition to the Intramural Sports schedule, and we are working to make it happen.

· Suggestion that Campus Rec should have dodgeball games. That would be very fun. Also, glow in the dark dodgeballs. I enjoy all activities here.

[03/28/16] We actually have an entire Dodgeball league in the Spring. Look out for the marketing to sign up and bring your friends!

· Update pictures.

[01/25/16] We are assuming you are talking about the Intramural Sports championship wall. If so, we update them every quarter as quickly as we can

· Let alumni play intramurals without being members. Your number of attendance is nowhere near BFC.

[01/25/16] Actually, our Intramural Sport numbers have increased since opening up the BRIC. At this time, we are not looking at making any changes to this policy. We encourage your alumni friends to get memberships so they can play alongside of you!

· Put the new champ pics!

[01/25/16] Championship pics are up from Fall Quarter. Congrats if you won!

· I recommend a softball and baseball Intramural league

[11/05/15] We have a softball league in the Spring and hope to see you out there.

· Bring back intramural dodgeball for all quarters

[10/01/15] Dodgeball is so much fun so we understand why you are asking this question! We will continue to evaluate the Intramural Sports program and the growing needs for additional leagues. At this point, there hasn’t been a demand for dodgeball. We actually have open rec hours for dodgeball – check out our live calendar. Also, anytime the court is not scheduled, you can check out a dodgeball and bring some friends!

Lockers/Locker Room

· Check jammed lockers more often to fix them.

[10/25/19] The Campus Recreation team has increased the frequency of our locker checks. If you ever have any issues with a locker, please inform the front desk and we will be happy to assist you!

· Change the name back to “Universal Restroom”. “All Gender Restroom” is too exclusive to those with disabilities yet, the handicap symbol is on the door.

[06/19/16] Yes! More lockers are now available. There are currently 144 rental lockers in the men’s locker room and Thank you so much for taking the time to send your feedback about the change to the door signage at the universal changing room. We are deeply committed to promoting and fostering an inclusive environment at the BRIC. The primary purpose of the universal changing room is to provide a facility for members and guests who do not feel comfortable in gender-specific locker rooms or may require adaptive facilities. We replaced the original signage on and adjacent to the door with signage that we believed was more inclusive because it does not depict gender icons. Our Director would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further and gain a deeper understanding of your concerns.

· More lockers

[03/28/16] Yes! More lockers are now available. There are currently 144 rental lockers in the men’s locker room and 144 rental lockers in the women’s locker room. These lockers can be rented for a quarter at a time and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. In addition, there are 370 day use lockers including the 10 in the Universal changing room area (90 Day use men’s, 90 Days use women’s, 80 Near Equipment checkout). Now, there are an additional 21 Second floor lockers and 69 Third floor lockers. Please let a staff member (in a green Campus Recreation polo) know if you experience any difficulties with a locker.

· It would be really helpful if you added mirrors on the blind corners when entering and exiting the locker room. There have been many times I have almost hit people leaving the locker room and vice versa

[2/9/2017] We are aware of those blind corners! Thanks for the suggestion.

· Empty out the lockers daily. A lot, I mean a lot of people leave the day lockers locked to save them

[2/9/2017] Day use lockers located on all three floors and the perimeter of the Men’s and Women’s locker room are unlocked and cleaned out closing each night. That way, everyone has a fair chance to snag a locker when we open. Please see the front desk staff for more information on locker rentals which include all non-perimeter lockers in the Men’s and Women’s Locker room and designated lockers near the Universal Changing room..

· We want warm water in the Women’s Showers. It’s too cold!

[03/28/16] The water temperature in the showers have been adjusted over the past month to remain at a suitable comfort level. Your feedback is important in this area. Please let a staff member know if the water temperature gets too cold or too hot.

· The stalls should have shelves to put our phones & stuff. I hate putting it on the ground when I take a quick bathroom break.

[03/28/16] Thank you for the feedback. We are currently researching methods to implement a space to place items in stalls while remaining within building codes. Please stay tuned!

· Please fix the women lockers. They are not locking. Thank you!

[03/28/16] The ASI Campus Recreation team will be checking the lockers more frequently with the increase in usage. If you ever have any issues with a locker, please inform the front desk and we will be happy to assist you!

· I agree about the comments regarding the showers. There is no place to put your stuff except the floor and having control over temperature and timing of the water would be more sustainable than having them on a timer.

[03/28/16] Thank you for the feedback. We have many lockers available in the locker room for you to safely place your belongings when you shower. We are exploring ideas for shower holders that meet building codes. Please refer to the previous responses concerning the shower timers and temperatures. If you have any issues with a shower, please notify one of our staff members at the front desk!

· Shower water too hot

[11/19/15] Thanks for the feedback. The water temperature for the showers has been lowered over the course of the past four weeks, 1-2 degrees at a time. Hopefully, the water temperature is at a suitable comfort level at this time.

· I have been using the BRIC and I very much dislike the showers. There is no place to place your clothes while you shower, except for the hangers on the outside of the door which is not safe because others can steal your stuff and inconvenient because I do not want to open the door to have to get my towel and clothes. Also, the shower head system is horrible and a waste of water. I push the button to turn on the shower, and the shower head sprays water everywhere but comfortably on me. It sprays all over the doors and the walls but it’s so hard to wash the shampoo off my head. You can’t adjust the temperature or turn off the water when you’re done. You stand there for minutes waiting for it turn off. These showers should be rethought out and provide better appliances and shower features to better relax us after a hard work out.

[11/19/15] TThank you for your feedback. In regards to shower shut off, see our response posted on 11/5/15. ASI is looking into options for alternative shower heads that meet the sustainability requirements of the current system. Look for more information on this item in the coming quarter. The inside of the shower stalls were designed to be “wet” spaces, where the outside of the shower stalls were meant to be “dry” spaces. The team is looking at the possibility of securing additional hooks outside of the shower stalls for more access to hang dry items.

· Add a feature to the showers that allows the user to turn off the water. We’re in a drought!

[11/05/15] The sustainable BRIC design incorporated the self-closing valve shower system for moderated water use. This type of system is meant to help reduce the amount of water wasted by users not turning off the water (a common practice in gyms/recreation centers). The valves currently in use are designed with an approximate 3 minute shutoff delay. To incorporate a shorter delay time (60 seconds) a different self-closing valve model is required. The ASI team is researching the best option and timing for this potential change.

· A LOT of feedback about lockers – broken, not enough, being locked open, etc over the past few weeks (too many to list)

[11/05/15] Thank you for your feedback. Please be sure to also let a staff member (in a green Campus Recreation polo) know about any current equipment issue. There are currently 144 rental lockers in the men’s locker room and 144 rental lockers in the women’s locker room. These lockers can be rented for a quarter at a time and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. In addition, there are an additional 360 day use lockers:10 Universal changing room
90 Day use men’s
90 Days use women’s
80 Near Equipment checkout
21 Second floor *New this month
69 Third floor *New this month
The Campus Recreation team clears out all day use lockers each night at closing. Items that are not retrieved by midday are then turned into Lost & Found in the BSC Games Room. Sometimes the lockers doors do get locked in the open position. The Campus Recreation team will continue to monitor the lockers throughout the day to help prevent malfunctions. Please let a staff member know if you experience any difficulties with a locker.

· Scale in locker rooms to track progress

[8/25/15] There are now scales in the locker rooms and on the 2nd floor!

· Need new shower heads. The water pressure is terrible and is way too fanned out. It sprays water against all 4 walls of the shower, making it impossible to escape the water to dry off or soap up.

Thank you for your feedback. We will look into options to address this concern.

The Pool

· I wish that the pool had better hours. I like swimming laps in the middle of the day but I can’t if the pool is closed. Maybe make it so classes and free swim can coincide?

[11/05/15] The Kinesiology courses have first priority for pool times during the academic year. The pool is typically open between noon and 1pm Monday thru Thursday. On Fridays, the pool is open all day 7am to 9pm.

· More shower heads on the pool deck

[10/01/15] Thank you for your feedback. Currently there are two shower heads poolside for quick rinsing. In addition, there are more full shower areas in the men’s, women’s and universal locker rooms inside the BRIC. We will continue to monitor the usage of the poolside shower heads and explore additional options as needed.


· Can you please sell shorts with pockets? To put phone and listen to music while working out. Thanks.

[10/25/19] Thank you for your suggestion! We’ll take this into consideration when purchasing products for our ProShop. We currently sell shorts without pockets because they are required for Intramural Sports.

· Towel card – huge inconvenience. Ineffective system. Suggestion: Check out with handprint.

[10/25/19] Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry that you have found our towel card system to be inconvenient. The system was designed to be the most efficient form of checking out towels. However, we will take this suggestion into consideration.

· Please consider returning to the old system of open basketball courts. Meaning that the badminton nets be setup at certain scheduled times. I have experienced an abundance of people who want to play basketball only to be confined to 2 courts. Hardly anyone uses the badminton nets. Thank you.

[10/25/19] Thank you for this suggestion. The Campus Recreation team tracks the number of users in each space (including all four courts) of the BRIC throughout each day. The Open Rec schedules are typically based on the usage numbers from previous semesters to help maximize available days and times for different court set ups. We try to accommodate as many activities as possible.

· Please get portable fans for the free weight section. There’s almost no air circulation in squat, bench, deadlift, and dumbbell areas. It’s really hot when you’re lifting.

[10/25/19] There are ceiling fans in all areas but deadlift. We will keep an eye on the area and make adjustments accordingly.

· Hey yall! It’d be really excited to see an indoor lacrosse sport. Thanks. This sport should be here.

[12/19/17] Sport Clubs would love to hear your idea. Send them an email at to talk about the potential for a new club!

· Allow for walk in for weightlifting platform orientations

[1/29/18] Great news! We are now allowing walk-ins for Platform Orientations. Just inform an employee in a green polo on the third floor and they will assist you!

· Put more ping pong tables out

[11/8/17] We have added a table tennis to the lobby so as long as we are open, table tennis is ready to be played. Check out our live facility counts webpage here.

· Make shoes mandatory. Saw a lot of people barefoot – gross!

[11/8/17] Wearing shoes in our facility is mandatory. We will be on the lookout for barefoot members! Thank you for your concern.

· Put plants inside the BRIC. Maybe potted plants, helps produce oxygen, clean air, stress relief, looks aesthetic

[3/7/17] That would be aesthetically pleasing! Thanks for the suggestion.

· Is the BRIC going to make a skating rink?

[05/19/16] Our facility use policies do not permit skates or similar recreational equipment so a skating rink is not in the BRIC’s plans for the future. Please let us know if you would like us to work on scheduling CPP skate time at a local rink.

· I want to request special sport classes. For calisthenics (body building). There are a bunch of champions here.

[2/9/2017] We are always looking to add and create new classes for our members. Thank you for the suggestion!

· Hand sanitizers by the weights. Wipes just are not cutting it, sorry!

[2/9/2017] We will look into getting hand sanitizer dispensers in that area. Thanks for the feedback!

· Email reminders to participants who have signed up/registered for a workshops, sometimes they forgot

[3/9/2017] When you sign up for a program or workshop, you will receive an email stating program details as well as it being listed on your receipt. At this time, we do not plan to email reminders. Thanks for the suggestion!

· Make a water polo club

[3/9/2017] If you are interested in creating a Sport Club, visit the registration forms page

· Please provide self-defense classes for next school year.

[4/28/2017] Thank you for your feedback! We have plans to offer a self-defense class again this year. Keep an eye on our website for class information!

You should assess students on what classes to take in order to reach their exercise goal and also teach power lifting for beginners

[4/28/2017] A Fitness Assessment is always a good idea so you can discuss goals and ask questions with a certified personal trainer! Be on the lookout for Powerlifting Workshops. You can learn and practice lifting which includes the squat, bench and deadlift using platforms and power racks!

· Would really prefer that the dance clinic be in another studio. The floor in studio A doesn’t allow for much movement.

[05/19/16] Thanks for the feedback. We can definitely take a look at this for you

·More spin classes at times during the day

[05/19/16] All of our classes are determined by how many spin instructors we have and what their schedules are. We will see what we can do with the instructors we have. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about this for the quarter but we can in the future. Ever think about becoming a certified spin instructor??

· It would be fun to have organized camping trips/backpacking trips

[03/28/16] We actually do. We have our first overnight trip coming up over Spring Break to Eastern Sierra. We are also taking a spring break aquatics scuba diving trip. For more information, and/or

· Play better music to work out to

[03/28/16] We are working with the company currently and are always trying to meet all our members music needs

· Music needs some work! I need some of the following artists: Yeezy (for the pump), Too Short (for the after pump), Drake (for the inspiration), G-Easy (for the run), Beyonce (for the shower). Thank you! (:

[03/28/16] We are working with the company currently and are always trying to meet all our members music needs. If members have specific requests, we encourage you to bring headphones so you can get that pump you are looking for.

· More Zumba! Or dance power hip hop kind of classes (:

[03/28/16] Thanks for the suggestions. We will pass this on to our fitness team to see what they have planned.

· Stop putting the basketball courts down just for ping pong

[03/28/16] Thank you for your feedback! The court area was always intended to provide space for various activities including table tennis. Activity times are allotted based on participant counts and rotating hours throughout the academic year. Open Recreation times for the courts on the second floor are available on our live calendar. Please visit our calendar here:

· We need a room for meditation for us to relax and pray

[03/28/16] Studio A, often called the Mind and Body Studio, is a perfect place for relaxation! This Studio is designed for stretching, relaxation, and meditation as these are valued of these activities for all. Please visit this Studio during open times. Let us know what you think!

· Since Cal Poly promotes multi-cultural events etc. BRIC should have a day where people could submit songs that belong to their culture/country of origin and a collection of ethnic music could play on BRIC radio for a whole day.

[03/28/16] This is a wonderful idea! The BRIC Radio software does not currently allow us to alter our BRIC music on a day-to-day basis, but there may be options to make changes for an entire week. Please stay tuned!

· There are not enough clocks in the BRIC (2nd floor specifically) I keep having to check the time on the wall mounted phones.

[03/28/16] Thank you for the feedback! Additional clocks have been purchased. Be on the lookout for the new additions soon.

· Play more gangster rap! Helps me get them pumps!!

[03/28/16] We understand how important those pumps are! BRIC radio is currently set to play a diverse range of music throughout the day as background music for members. If you are interested in listening to your own music while you work out, ear buds are available at the Pro Shop.

· Totally lagging on the badminton set up. It was barely set up an hour later when I had to leave. Disappointed I didn’t get to play today.

[03/28/16] Our apologies for the delayed set up time. The live calendar was undergoing maintenance, so our staff members did not have access to the calendar at the time of the court setup. If you encounter this issue again, please notify a staff member at the front desk (or any staff member in a green Campus Recreation polo) and we will be happy to assist you.

· You should sell swim suits, towels, goggles, aloe vera, etc at the front desk.

[03/28/16] Thanks for the suggestion! We already sell goggles and offer towels for checkout. We’ll take the other items into consideration.

· You should install a sauna

[01/25/16] The BRIC was not designed to accommodate a sauna. These facilities are very difficult to monitor, maintain and keep clean. In the warmer months, take advantage of the pool deck to warm up, stretch (and sweat). It’s not sauna hot, but it’s the next best option.

· You should have body spray sold at the pro shop

[01/25/16]We currently sell deodorant but will look into the idea of selling body spray. Thanks for the suggestion

· Please offer stretching classes.

[01/11/16] Scheduling is done based on a variety of factors including but not limited to instructor and studio availability, class averages, participant demand, and other programming needs. We will take this into consideration for future quarters.

· More morning/afternoon Barre Classes.

[01/11/16] Scheduling is done based on a variety of factors including but not limited to instructor and studio availability, class averages, participant demand, and other programming needs.

· There needs to be a Facebook page for Group X classes or the BRIC in general so that employees can notify students if a class was cancelled. It’s really inconvenient to come for a class and find out it was cancelled.

[01/11/16] We try and have one space for members to get their information from. Please follow us on all of our social media sites for more information. In the meantime, we will look at ways to communicate with you all if a class is canceled as we understand your frustration.

· Put more wipes when needed

[11/05/15] The wipe stations have been refilled. The Campus Recreation team will be monitoring the wipe supply more closely with the increase in usage.

· Get a top net for indoor soccer

[11/05/15] The Campus Recreation team is currently researching best options for an indoor net system.

· A clock in each basketball court
· Need more clocks
· Install clocks with second hand near weights so that breaks between sets can be timed

[11/05/15] Thanks for the suggestion! The ASI Campus Recreation team has been working on the best clock options and placement on all three floors of the BRIC, as well as, the pool deck area. Next quarter, expect to see additional clocks and digital clocks with seconds displayed in select locations.

· More volleyball open gym
· Open more volleyball/badminton at night!

[11/05/15] Thank you for this suggestion. The Campus Recreation team tracks the number of users in each space (including all four courts) of the BRIC throughout each day. The Open Rec schedules are typically based on the usage numbers from previous quarters to help maximize available days and times for different court set ups. There has been an increased demand for volleyball times. Expect to see more available volleyball court times in the winter and spring quarters.

· The BRIC is always super clean. Makes working easy and enjoyable

[11/05/15] Thanks for the feedback! We’ll be sure to pass on the kind words to our custodial team.

· BRIC Pro Shop should have tank tops

[10/27/15] Thanks for the suggestion. We’re always looking into items we can add – we’ll take it into consideration.

· Be able to use Bronco Bucks to pay for things

[10/27/15] We agree – we’re currently looking into this.

· Skateboard racks should be monitored. A lot of the rack slots cannot be accessed due to students leaving locks on the rack without a board in it. This becomes a problem when the only “open” slots already have locks on them.

[10/15/15] TThanks for bringing this to our attention. Skateboard racks are now being regularly monitored and we have started cutting locks. Additionally we are looking into the possibility of adding more skateboard racks.

· Can you add charging stations?

[10/15/15] Many of our cardio pieces are compatible with early iPhone models. We offer adapters through Equipment Checkout which allow you to charge your recent version iPhones with these machines. Additionally, some of our new equipment has compatibility built in to charge any phones with the inclusion of a usb port (simply bring your own cable). Another good resource for charging is the new Solaris lounge as well as the lounge area outside Bronco Copy and Mail in the BSC. The majority of furniture is wired and ready for charging.

· MMA and Spinning studios should always be open.

[10/01/15] Great question! These two rooms need to be supervised at all times due to the risk and equipment needs of each studio. We have actually expanded the hours in our MMA studio to include hours specific to our new Sports Performance hours coming this fall.
As for the spin studio, we just added 5 new spin bikes on the 3rd floor near the racquetball courts.

· Scales to weigh myself

[10/01/15] There are now scales in the locker rooms and on the 2nd floor!

· I would love to see some microwaves installed somewhere within the BRIC!

[9/08/15] You are welcome to consume your prepared food at the BRIC in the indoor or outdoor lounge areas, but we will not be providing microwaves any time soon. Visit one of the five microwave locations available in the BSC (Bronco Student Center), right next door to the BRIC. They also have ample lounge seating to support your EAT, MEET, STUDY and PLAY needs.

· Shooting range because guns are a sport too

[9/08/15] University policies prohibit “any person to fire, discharge, shoot or operate…any gun” on campus (Refer to Presidential Order, Section I.), but thank you for your suggestion.

· Have your week passes last a full week, not 6 days

[9/08/15] During the Summer, in addition to our normal quarter membership option, we offer weekly memberships. These memberships are good for 7 days, starting the day purchased. To get the most out of a weekly membership, you can purchase your membership at the start of the day to get a full 7 days.

· We need more hand sanitizer stations please

We will look into adding additional hand sanitizer stations around the facility. Thanks for the suggestion!

· More ping pong tables

Thank you for the feedback. This is currently under consideration, so stay tuned!

· Digital clocks by the free weights so that we can time our rest period (and see the time!)

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re always looking into items we can add – we’ll take it into consideration.