BRIC COVID-19 Updates

ASI Campus Recreation has expanded what’s open as well as our membership eligibility to what it was before we closed and non students have the options of purchasing semester memberships or day passes. We’ve brought back some of our popular in person programming including group fitness classes, Intramurals, SCUBA and more! Visit the ASI Portal or download the ASI Mobile App to check out our program offerings and sign up – including our continued virtual offerings.


  1. Current CPP Students
  2. CPELI
  3. Continuing Students (taking a semester off)
  4. Alumni
  5. Membership credit available for those enrolled Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, and/or Summer 2021
  6. ASI Staff
  7. CPP faculty/staff
  8. Foundation
  9. Retired faculty/staff
  10. ROTC
  11. Visiting Faculty
  12. Affiliate
  13. Sponsored Member (for those not falling into one of the above categories, any current member can sponsor you)

Memberships/Day Passes

You are required to activate your BRIC membership. This is a new step required of everyone, including previous BRIC members. For students, you are only required to complete this once.

For Current Students:

  1. On the portal or ASI app, make sure you’re logged in
  2. Click “Memberships”
  3. Click “CPP Student”
  4. Click “Add to Cart”
  5. Accept Waivers
  6. Click “Checkout”

For recent CPP graduates who wish to redeem their BRIC membership credits (Note: Credit must be redeemed consecutively, so if you have more than one credit you are redeeming for summer, fall, etc.):

This can be done at the front desk of the BRIC with the help of our Member Services staff.
OR, You can also email You will be assisted in getting your membership activated so you can start your membership.

For anyone under 18:
You can come into the BRIC with a signed under 18 waiver to be able to activate your membership.
OR, You can also email You will be assisted in getting your membership activated so you can start your membership.

All other membership categories and you have a current Bronco Username and Password:

  1. On the portal or ASI app, make sure you’re logged in
  2. Click on the appropriate membership category
  3. Click “Add to Cart”
  4. Accept Waivers
  5. Click “Checkout”

Day Passes
Available for purchase at the BRIC front desk
$10/day Mon – Thurs, $5/day Fri – Sun

Building Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Friday-Sunday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday-Sunday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Bronco Peak
Sunday and Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

What is Available?


  1. Second and Third floor fitness areas
  2. Courts (non contact sports only ie badminton, volleyball)
  3. Studios (non contact activities only)
  4. Locker rooms
  5. Locker room showers and changing area
  6. Rental/Day use lockers
  7. Leisure and Lap Pool
  8. Outdoor Lounge area/Pool deck/Pool showers
  9. Equipment checkout
  10. Pro Shop


  1. Towel Service
  2. Indoor Lounge area
  3. Pick up basketball games and other contact activities

BEFORE heading to campus

Make sure to review CPP’s Safer Return Checklist and remember to complete the mandatory health screener prior to each visit to campus.

Questions about reopening?

Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe?
While there’s always going to be a small amount of risk that can’t be mitigated, we believe we’re doing everything necessary to create a safe environment. Some examples of precautions being taken include:

  1. Masks are mandatory for all staff and members.
  2. Requiring health screeners to be completed by all staff and members prior to coming to campus.
  3. New cleaning tag system so you know if you’re at a clean piece of equipment or if it requires cleaning prior to use.
  4. Plexiglass where needed.
  5. Tracking which members are in different areas at any given time allows for more effective contact tracing in the event of a positive test.
  6. Limiting what’s open/available until it’s safe to do so.
  7. Continuing proper cleaning protocol for shared areas.

2. How do the membership credits work?

Because students were paying their full fees during each term the BRIC was closed due to the pandemic, the ASI Board of Directors approved giving all students enrolled in classes and paying the full ASI Facility & Operations Fee for every semester the BRIC was closed (Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021) a membership credit to the BRIC to be redeemed consecutively as early as when the BRIC reopens through June 30, 2030 at the latest. If you are a recent alumnus and would like to redeem your credit(s) starting this summer, you can redeem your membership at the front desk or you can email

3. Do I have to wear a mask?

Until further notice, masks are required by all staff and members from the point of walking into the building to the point you leave. The only exception is while in the pool. Masks must be worn on the pool deck at all time before and after using the pool.

4. How can I access the BRIC if Hand Scanners are no longer in use?

The ASI App is available to download and is required for access to the BRIC. Once you download the app and login to your account you are able to see a “Barcode” Icon on the Home Screen.

5. Are reservations still required?

No. The reservation system is no longer active at the BRIC. You are able to come in with the use of your Personal Barcode that can be found on the ASI App.