Sunglasses are California’s Winter Essential

Sunglasses are California’s Winter Essential

A diagram referencing face shapes to what glasses frames are compatible

Since our lovely university is located in the sunny state of California, we don’t exactly experience the season many know as winter. So what do you wear when the weather is not what the season calls for?

Lately, we’ve been experiencing temperatures in the low 80s with clear skies and sunshine. That could only mean one thing…time to invest in sunglasses!

When making a new sunglasses purchase, we enjoy frames in the colors tortoise,black and marble. These colors are more versatile so you can pair them with any look, assisting in maximum compatibility when pairing them with your “winter” outfit.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying sunglasses in finding ones that are polarized, which eliminates glare and helps reduce squinting and straining of the eyes.

RAEN Fairbank sunglasses

RAEN Flowers sunglasses

Right now, for ladies we love the brand RAEN and their styles Fairbank and Flowers. The Fairbank round and the marbled frames assist in versitle wear. RAEN Flowers have a thick, but sleek, black frame that can fit almost any face shape.

NEFF Eyewear Vector

For the fellas, we like the Vector by Neff. These polarized rectangular, black static sunglasses can be wore with any outfit color and style.

San Juan sunglasses by Garrett Leight

Anyone could pull off the San Juan sunglasses by Garrett Leight their gold and tortoise frames you can go casual but just as easily dress them up.

PROOF Eyewear Ontario Skate Wood

For a spunky look, check out Proof Eyewear’s Ontario Stake Wood sunglasses. These sun-friendly and fun polarized sunglasses are what your outfit could use to add some winter flair.

Here are some helpful hints for frame to face shape selection, if you would like to pick out your own sunglasses. If you have a square shaped face round or oval frames look best majority of the time. For round and oval faces geometric, cat-eyed or deep frames work well. Lastly, with a lovely heart shaped face the best suggestion would be frames that are heavy or thicker on the bottom.

So gab your sunnies and bask in this joyous winter California sun!