Work as a Web Developer with ASI

Work as a Web Developer with ASI


Are you interested in web development? Look no further! You could gain valuable experience working on campus at Associated Students, Inc.’s marketing department, Gas Creative Group!

You could also be a part of an award winning team. Gas Creative Group has been taking accolades at the Association of College Unions International Conference since 2005. Last year, the marketing department won nine awards for work that was largely done by students.


The best part about this job? It’s on campus! Hours are flexible, school is a top priority to your employer, and you don’t have to travel far to get to work.

So what does a Gas Creative Group web developer do? They keep ASI’s website up to date and work in a team environment to create and maintain web pages. Past web developers have worked on optimizing web pages as well as redesigning web sites, such as The Campus Crop.

The web developer position is open to all CPP students who meet the appropriate requirements. To apply, you need to be familiar with and have knowledge of javascript, hand coding and SASS, Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator. Check out the Human Resources website for more information on the the requirements and skills you may need.

You could even find other job opportunities in your search of the site! All the latest job opportunities for students and full-time professional staff are listed on the page. Good luck and we hope you consider ASI as your next place of employment!