Two-Spirits Film Screening

Two-Spirits Film Screening


On Wednesday, Jan. 26, the Pride Center in collaboration with the Native American Student Center held a film screening in the Bronco Student Center for the documentary “Two-Spirits.” With an attendance of more than 100 students, the film displayed the cultural context behind a tragic and senseless murder.

Fred Martinez, an openly gay man from Cortez, CO., was a Navajo youth slain at the age of 16 by Shaun Murphy of Farmington, NM.  Fred was part of an honored Navajo tradition – the ‘nadleeh’, or ‘two-spirit’, who possess a balance of masculine and feminine traits. Through the telling of Fred’s story, the film reminds us of the values that America’s indigenous peoples have long embraced. The film’s director and producer, Lydia Nibley, also attended the screening to discuss why she made the film, her challenges during production, as well as answered all questions students had following the screening.

Nadia Guzman, fourth-year biology major, said “This film touched me completely. To see that Fred was such a blessing to his family and friends, is unfortunate that his life was cut short due to the ignorant hatred of one man.”

The film’s screening was definitely a success and events like these are beneficial for all Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty and staff. For more information on the Pride Center, contact (909) 869-3064. Fore more information on the Native American Student Center, contact (909) 869-6877 or visit