Parking and Cyclists’ Safety Discussed at ‘Pizza’


The quarterly forum “Pizza with the Presidents” hosted by ASI and the University was held at U-Hour yesterday afternoon.

University President Michael Ortiz and ASI President Christine Hall answered many questions about the University, classes and student life.

Parking, pedestrian and cyclist safety, the Student Success Fee and the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) were among issues discussed at the forum.

Officials from the University’s Facilities Planning and Management department addressed the cyclist and pedestrian population of campus and said they are currently working on building bicycle infrastructure as well.

A question was asked about whether documents that evaluate the Student Success Fee will be released. Doug Freer, vice president for the Division of Student Affairs, reassured students that studies are being conducted.

“We are doing a lot of research to ensure that your money is being spent the way it is meant to be spent,” said Freer.

The BRIC was also a prominent topic during the event. A student asked why there is a recreational center being built even though the Bronco Fitness Center already exists and why these fees aren’t being used for classes instead.

Hall, ASI president, addressed the question by saying that the Bronco Fitness Center will be moved to the BRIC once it opens so there will still only be one recreation center. Ortiz said that the project is integral to building student life and experience for the students of CPP.

Another issue addressed was the six-year graduation rate trend on campus and how only 11 percent of the students matriculate in four years.

“The four-year track is designed for students who only have studying to worry about,” said Ortiz. “The reality is, CPP is a school where most students work or have a family to support and have other things to worry about. The goal is to have those students try to stick to a six-year plan.”

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