Dates That Won’t Break the Bank

Your wallet may be hurting, but that’s no reason to let it affect your social life. Instead of canceling dates, get creative by taking your special someone on inexpensive outings that won’t go over budget.

Have a lazy day.
After a long week, sometimes the best way to relax with your sweetie is by staying in. Watch TV, order pizza and cuddle up. A scary movie marathon can be perfect! This casual date can still make sparks fly.

Embrace your inner nerd.
If you or your date are in school and finding it hard to meet up, consider studying together. Just make sure you’re not too distracted and are able to get work done!

You could also learn together by going to a local museum. Free admission is offered at certain museums. Show your date how culturally savvy you are with tickets to a play. It can be cheaper than a movie– and more entertaining too!

Explore your city.
Go for a walk around your neighborhood and take pictures. Have a picnic. Go window shopping in a downtown area. Find a local apple orchard for picking or pick out pumpkins together. The best thing about all of these date ideas is that they could be totally free of cost!

Host a party together.
Planning out food, activities and a guest list for a party can help you get to know each other better. If you don’t know each other’s friends very well, it can be a good way to have them all meet. Host a game night or throw a themed party, such as a Halloween party, football party or baseball party. And while you’re at it, make it potluck style. Encourage your friends to bring their favorite tasty treats to share with the group, that way everyone is pitching in and contributes to the fun.

Get sporty.
Maybe you’re the active type or want to be more adventurous than on your usual outings. When the weather turns cold, consider going ice skating. Laughing while you watch each other hit the ice and helping each other back up can be totally romantic. Going on a hike or bike ride also can also be fun.

What would you add to the list? Write to me on Twitter @Erin_writes and tell me your idea of the perfect inexpensive date. Be sure to include the hashtag #CampusCrop.