OSLCC to Resume Registering New Clubs & Organizations

OSLCC to Resume Registering New Clubs & Organizations

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The Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers (OSLCC) at Cal Poly Pomona recently announced some exciting news!

OSLCC will be able to resume registering new clubs and organizations on an annual basis instead of every two years.

This change is due in part to the passage of the Student Success Fee. OSLCC has been given approval to fill some of the positions lost over the past several years.  One of these positions will be the new Leadership and Club Coordinator that OSLCC anticipates to be hired sometime during Fall 2013.

If you missed the Aug. 1 deadline for registering your club, don’t worry!  It’s actually not too late! If you are interested in registering a new club for 2013-2014 academic year, just follow a few simple steps to register your club with OSLCC through MyBar.

New club and organization registration will open on Tuesday, Oct. 1. The request must be completed by Dec. 6.

When registering, you must know the names of your executive board, proposed by-laws and a signed advisor application. Also, your club president, treasurer and scheduler must attend workshops.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact La’Keisha Beard, interim senior coordinator of the African American Student Center Coordinator, by email at ldgilford@csupomona.edu You can also visit the OSLCC website for more information.