Quick tips for adding classes during registration

Quick tips for adding classes during registration

Students studying in the cal Poly Pomona library

It’s time for the add/drop period for Cal Poly Pomona classes! Are you ready?

Here’s a little advice from a seasoned senior to get you through registration.

Get some advice on classes before you add them.

When you have the choice between a wide variety of classes, try to pick what you think would be interesting and beneficial, while meeting graduation requirements. Ask your advisor and friends for class and professor recommendations. Also, check out Koofers and Rate my Professor to help you find the professor that best suits your learning style.

If you don’t have time to see an advisor before registration and the start of school, see the Cal Poly Pomona advising website for your college’s curriculum sheet and roadmap.

BroncoDirect can be tricky, but you can handle it.

Some classes may fill up before you get the chance to add them, of course. Note that some classes may fill up fast, so pay attention to your registration time and don’t miss it! Registration times can be found on BroncoDirect.

If you already know what classes you want to take, it’s a good idea to add classes to your shopping cart on BroncoDirect, prior to your registration time, so all you have to do is add them when it is your turn to register. Additionally, it can be worth it to try and add a class from a wait list if you have to.

Stay on track with your graduation goals.

Graduation is the light at the end of the tunnel, so be sure to pay attention to your major’s curriculum sheet to see what classes are required.

As soon as you can, see an advisor about the classes you added and ask about what to take next. This is especially important if you are a freshman in college or switching majors or expecting to graduate soon. Scratch that. It’s just always important!

But as I have mentioned in a previous article, it’s good to have fun with your classes and learn something beneficial that might not be required, while still earning you the diploma.

For more on figuring out what classes are right for you, see my article “Be daring with your class schedule this school year.”