Be daring with your class schedule this school year

Be daring with your class schedule this school year

Students studying at University Plaza

Before classes begin at Cal Poly Pomona on September 26, consider what you can do to make your experience on campus the best possible by adding a class you will actually be excited to attend.

Get creative and be adventurous this year! Learning can be fun if you let it.

First off, be unique in your choices.

Some of my favorites classes in my four years on campus have been either courses to fulfill a GE requirement or an unrestricted elective. Within my major, I have been able to pick between a few support classes and choose the ones that sounded the most interesting and beneficial.

For example, when my major offered a class called The Documentary (COM 499) for the first time in a year, I jumped at the opportunity to take it, even though it was an evening class for four hours once a week and wasn’t required.

Next, try a course that will offer you more than extra units.

Classes I took just for fun ended up teaching me more than I expected and definitely helped me develop as a person. Those classes include: Women Writers (ENG 240); Women, Health and Social Justice (EWS 441); and Chicano/Latino Experience (EWS 202).

Finally, don’t be afraid to try a class that speaks to your personal interests.

CPP has some pretty unique classes such as Archery (KIN 145A); Harry Potter as Literature and Cultural Studies (ENG 499); and Wines, Beers and Spirits (HRT 315). You could also pick beneficial classes not offered within your major such as Photoshop (COM 431) or Fundamentals of Web Site Development (CIS 120), which teach skills useful to know in any field.

Now, I know that not every major has as much room for choice and if you have a minor then it’s even harder, but no matter what, there’s usually room for a little leeway in choosing classes. After all, every student has to take general education (GE) classes that include courses outside their major, so now is the time to take control of what you will learn.

Have fun in selecting your classes and don’t forget to be creative with your school schedule!