3D Leadership Preview

3D Leadership Preview

3D Leadership

If you’ve ever wondered about being a leader and what kind of leadership style you would have, you may find out soon. Registration is now open to students who are interested in attending the upcoming 7th annual 3D Leadership Conference, “Identifying the Who in You.”

This year’s Leadership Conference, which focuses on students’ leadership skills, their styles, and empowerment, will welcome Kip Fulbeck, as this year’s keynote speaker.

Fulbeck is a movie director, author, and professor, and is best known for his identity politics and contributions to The Hapa Project, an art exhibit recognizing the millions of individuals who are multicultural and may not identify to one particular ethnic group.

At the conference, students will have an opportunity to listen to Fulbeck as he addresses multiracial and cultural issues, but will also be able to attend various workshops that meet Cal Poly Pomona’s educational objectives.

“Everyone has the potential to be a leader,” said Dora Lee, a member of the planning committee and senior coordinator for Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers. “We all have areas of growth.”

Students will be able to not only find out why being a leader is so important, but also how to develop as a leader and learn how to generate the respect from various peers.

Through the keynote speaker, the annual conference is used to specialize in diversity, and represent the student body. Each year a campus community may connect with the speaker a little bit more, but the conference speakers are used to focus on bringing the community together.

Students are encouraged to attend the keynote and register for the conference, as the keynote speech will be the only venue open to the public. Lunch, which is sponsored by Target, will also be provided for registered students only.

The conference will be Friday, November 19, from 10 to 5 p.m. For more information about the conference or Kip Fulbeck, please visit http://dsa.csupomona.edu/division/leadership/3D.asp.

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