‘Evolution’ begins winter art exhibits at BSC

‘Evolution’ begins winter art exhibits at BSC


Beautiful color and art are all around us.

That is especially true in the Bronco Student Center (BSC) where the artwork on display brings the walls to life with detailed images.

Artist: Alejandra Centeno
Medium: Oils, acrylics, mixed media and colored pencils
Exhibit Date: Jan. 11 – Feb. 22
Space: Bronco Exhibit Hallway Gallery

Walk through the Ursa Minor hallway upstairs and you will see colorful images of people, animals and flowers in a variety of media. Colored pencil drawings of playful looking puppies and bright purple lilies may catch your eye.

The collection “Evolution” was presented by artist Alejandra Centeno on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at an opening reception at the BSC Conference and Events Lobby.

ASI Art Program Intern and fifth-year graphic design student Lina Hernandez introduced the artist. Hernandez said that as a personal acquaintance of the artist and can tell that Centeno is truly passionate about her work.

“She has such an upbeat personality and you can see it in her artwork,” Lina Hernandez said.

Centeno was able to relate to her audience made up mostly of graphic design students, as she has worked as a graphic designer for more than 20 years.

Although she enjoys graphic design, Centeno says she enjoys the freedom to create her own art. She began her work as an artist using just black an white, mostly with pen, since she was unsure of using colors at first. Once she started using colors in her work, she knew it was what her work needed.

The brilliantly bright colors not only reflect Centeno’s outgoing and enthusiastic personality, but also her everyday life. She draws her inspiration from experiences and enjoys depicting characters and objects in her personal life.

The oil painting of the young boy raising his arm to point at something out of reach entitled “Chris” is a portrait of her nephew, who is now a grown man. Just as she enjoyed making the portrait, she also appreciates being able to look on it as a moment in times now that her nephew has matured.

The “state of joy and excitement,” as Centeno calls her experience while making art, is one of the most enjoyable parts of her work as an artist, evident through the vivid and engaging images she creates.

Centeno’s “Evolution” collection will be on display in the Ursa Minor Hallway until Feb. 22.

Be sure to check out the other three exhibits in the Bronco Exhibit Gallery this quarter- “The Astral Gathering,” “8-Bit Cal Poly” and “Quotes.”

For more information about the ASI Art Program, contact Programs Coordinator Maria-Lisa Flemington by phone at (909) 869-4829 or by email at mflemington@csupomona.edu.