Discuss ‘Violence in School’ at State of Our Community’

Discuss ‘Violence in School’ at State of Our Community’

State of Our Community- Violence in Schools

After the mass-shooting that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary school our nation was left devastated. Many conversations have begun about violence in schools.

Come to the Ursa Major this Thursday, Jan 24 for a discussion called “State of Our Community – Violence in School.”

Actor, director  and speaker Brent Scarpo will be presenting his award-winning documentary, “Journey to a Hate Free Millennium,” which captures interviews from Columbine survivors, the James Byrd Jr. case and the Matthew Shepard murder.

ASI president Chris Osuala encourages students to join the discussion on violence in schools, especially in light of recent events.

“As a university and institution of knowledge, I believe that it is our duty to start this conversation, now rather than later, about the violence in our schools and discuss possible solutions,” Osuala said in an email to the campus.

This is the second time ASI Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) presented the “State of Our Community” event. Later this quarter, a discussion on AB 540 undocumented students will be held on Feb. 5 as part of Multicultural Council’s 30 Days of Justice Month kick-off event.

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