Top ASInside Stories for the year

Top ASInside Stories for the year

2012 was a significant year for Associated Students, Inc (ASI.) The organization stayed true to its motto of ‘students serving students’ by bringing in prominent speakers, artists and putting on informative and fun programs. ASI’s blog was there to cover it all in case you missed it. Here are some of the highlights from the past year:
Only one ‘survivor’ in ‘Humans vs. Zombies’

ASI’s first official game of ‘Humans vs. Zombies’ was a huge success. The game slayed students with socks, leaving one ‘survivor’ in the final mission. This survivor was in charge of delivering the H1Z1 vaccine to the remaining humans, resulting in the humans winning the game.

Cornel West draws the community in from all directions

Distinguished speaker and philosopher Cornel West spoke to a full capacity crowd that stretched from the University Theater to Ursa Minor of the Bronco Student Center. West has authored 19 books and taught at multiple universities, including Harvard, Yale and the University of Paris. He  also performed spoken word with Prince and appeared on CNN and in the the ‘Matrix’ films. West spoke on empowering issues such as social justice while inserting elements of humor.

Thousands rally for higher education at state capitol

6,000 students from the CSU’s and community colleges rallied in front of the state capitol on March 5. The event was the first collaboration put on by the California State Student Association (CSSA,) Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) and University of California Student Association.

2012-2013 ASI Student Government leaders announced

The 2012-2013 ASI Student Government election was the first time that student vote for their leaders online. Christopher Osuala and Christine Hall won the election for president and vice president with 1,486 votes. The senators for the academic colleges and councils were announced as well.

As told by Temple: an exclusive interview with Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin, a renowned autism and animal rights activist, visited campus on May 17 as part of Disability Awareness Day. Grandin was diagnosed with autism at age four and was told that the disability would hold her back in life. Instead, she channeled her disability to help reach others. ASInside’s staff writer Alla Arutcheva  was able to interview Grandin and document her compelling personality and passion.
‘Qdoba’ expected to replace Subway Express in the BSC

A “fresh mex” eatery was voted to replace Subway Express on campus by a survey of over 1,200 students. Qdoba was chosen due to its similar dining options as Chipotle. Student government leaders partnered with Foundation to open this new dining venture. Qdoba opened in the BSC on Sept. 29.

Jianu bids ASI farewell

After three years of serving ASI as Inter-hall Council Senator at Large, Vice President and then President, Johnathan Jianu looked back on his years of service. Jianu’s leadership led to many changes in ASI, including the plans for the recreation center, the online voting option and the creation of the secretary of sustainability position. While Jianu enjoyed serving the student population, he looked forward to the new administration that would take his place.

Dom Kennedy headlines 2012 BroncoFusion concert

Dom Kennedy, a L.A.based  hip-hop artist was announced to perform at the 2012 BroncoFusion concert, along with George Watsky and the Jalapeno Brothers. Kennedy recently released “The Yellow Album,” including the popular single “My Type of Party” and a collaboration with Rick Ross. Kennedy was a hit among CPP students.

Use #CPP1st day to connect with other Broncos

For the first time, ASI and the University partners came together to compile students’ experiences of their first day of classes. Students were encouraged to post on social media sites using the hashtag #CPP1stday to describe anything about their first day. The posts were compiled on the University’s Storify website to show the comprehensive campus experience.

CPP registers to Vote

ASI student leaders advocated to register students to vote in the general election at multiple events on campus. Their goal was to register 1,000 student voters by the Oct. 22 deadline. One event that assisted with this was the #CPPVotes Voter Registration Drive, in partnership with 7-Eleven, where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney lookalikes were brought to campus for students to pose with. Over 100 students were registered to vote at this event.

Students explore controversial issues with ‘Community’

State of the Community was brought to ASI by Preisdent Chris Osuala and organized by the Bronco Event and Activities Team (BEAT) and the Multicultural Council (MCC). Sociology professor Mary Danico was the keynote speaker. Students engaged in an interactive panel discussion on power, privilege and identity.

Many monumental events for ASI occurred in 2012 and 2013 is set to be an even better year. ASInside is here for you to keep you informed and keep up to date on all things ASI and CPP. Subscribe to ASInside to have each new post delivered straight to your inbox. For more information, visit

Update: ASInside was updated and its name has been changed to Campus Crop.