Top 5 Lesser-Known Campus Locations

Top 5 Lesser-Known Campus Locations

Cal Poly Pomona is known for its scenic, agricultural beauty. However, there are many locations on campus that are not frequently visited or well known, despite their charm.

These locations are often visited by particular groups or majors out of necessity, but they are open to the entire campus community. Break out of the routine of simply going to the buildings required for classes. Get to know your school and check out these spots!

1) One-hole golf course: Contrary to its title, the one-hole golf course is not actually a golf course. Instead, it is a place for Plant Science students to test different environments for turf management. The one-hole golf course is located behind the Rose Float Lab.


2) Biotrek: At Biotrek, or the Rainforest Learning Center, you can view rare animal species, such as crocodiles and snakes. There are also over 100 unique plants on display to mimic a rain forest environment. This spot is a great place to relax from classes and escape to a different atmosphere. The Biotrek Learning Center is located next to Building 4.


3) Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch: The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch (RKR) is run by students in the Collins College of Hospitality Management. The RKR features a three-course meal for $31, in addition to a full-service bar. The restaurant emphasizes Cal Poly Pomona’s learn by doing philosophy since it is managed by hospitality students. Visit to make a reservation. The RKR is located at Building 77.


4) W.K. Arabian Horse Center: Visit the legacy of Cal Poly Pomona, the Arabian Horses. The center hosts horse shows the first Sunday of every month from October to May, showcasing the rare breeds and their riders. The horse shows, a campus tradition, feature the Arabian Horse Drill Team, Rodeo Club and Equestrian Drill Team. The horse center is a crucial part of campus history. W.K. Kellogg donated the land on the condition that Arabian horses would continue to be showcased. The Arabian Horse Center is located at Building 29.


5) Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies: The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, or CRS, offers an alternative campus lifestyle for students interested in sustainability. The center features solar panels and sustainable living practices. Visit the center to learn more about sustainability and regenerative opportunities. This location also provides a panoramic view of Cal Poly Pomona, including the CLA building. The Lyle Center is located west of the University Village at Building 209.

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