Top 5 unnecessary dorm items

Top 5 unnecessary dorm items

Cedritos Hall.

Last month’s Top 5 Necessary Dorm Items article detailed the five items I found essential to everyday dorm life. Now, that you’re all moved in and situated, I want to share the Top 5 items I’ve found to be unnecessary for dorm life. With Thanksgiving break coming up in a few weeks, maybe you’ll consider bringing a few items back home.

1) A land-line telephone: Look, it’s 2012. Most people probably didn’t even think to bring this item, but with roughly 3,000 students living on campus, I’m sure a few did. Although the dorms are equipped with telephone jacks, a cell phone is by far a more convenient way to handle your communications. Not only does your phone number stay constant when you move out and elsewhere, but people can reach you 24/7. Okay, maybe that last point is a bit of a double-edged sword, but you get my point. You probably already have a cell phone and if you don’t in this day and age, you’ve clearly decided that you don’t need a phone anyway.

2) Books: I swear I’m not crazy when I say this, but books are pretty much unnecessary. Aside from the textbooks you currently need, a few old ones for reference and one or two reading books, you don’t need to have your entire library with you. If you must have tons of books, consider investing in a handheld reading tablet to save some space and prevent moving hassles. Some people enjoy the aesthetic of a book’s smell, but practicality will win when you move out.

3) Out-of-Season Clothing: It’s fall now and we’re headed straight into winter. Consider bringing home some of your summer dresses, flip flops, swim gear or whatever summer apparel you own. Yes it’s still a bit hot down here in SoCal, but just as our weather gets unbearably hot almost suddenly in spring, so too will it get pretty cold quickly around mid-November. Having less items means more room in your closet and lighter laundry loads to haul up and down stairs. If you keep your wardrobe up-to-date, you may even find moving in and out of your dorm a little easier.

4) Extra Furniture: Extra furniture is a really, really bad idea. The space between each bed is approximately five feet, maybe even a little less. There’s just simply no practical amount of room for a coffee table or even an extra chair. If you have guests over, they’re probably going to chill in your desk chair or your bed (in dorm life, a bed doubles as a couch or futon in the minds of residents) and no one really thinks twice of it. While University Housing Services’ policies don’t say much about additional furniture, UHS is sure to let residents know that any modifications, tampering or removal of provided furniture is prohibited.

5) Large Stereo Sound Systems: Everyone within a 20-foot radius on all floors won’t even grant you a passing glance if you blast your music too loud and too often. Okay maybe that’s a little extreme, but it’s really a simple courtesy to keep noise to a minimum when you live in a building with sometimes more than 200 other people. Large stereo systems with lots of bass just aren’t practical or necessary, and again, are a hassle to move in and out. Consider leaving it at home and investing in a good set of headphones.

Even if you wish to keep these items around or don’t have them in the first place, I hope I’ve helped you at least take into consideration the prospect of taking home unused or superfluous items in your dorm this Thanksgiving break.

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